Day 7


December 31st, 2012- Last night had a little bit of a scare. The nurse gave me my anti-nausea medicine (phenergan) through my IV and I became extremely jittery, tired, and loopy. It also caused me to have a severe headache, which was further complicated because it raised my blood pressure. The high pressure could have caused addition problems with the bleed in my brain, but the nurses acted quickly and a few doses of morphine later and a nice hot shower I was fine. So, now phenergan is listed as my FIRST allergy, to be on the safe side. I regained a little bit of freedom as well today as they took me off my IV fluids. I no longer have my “leash”!

Both of my current doctors came to see me today to discuss my continued treatment plan. I will be starting my next round of chemotherapy tomorrow as scheduled, two doses. They are also ordering a new bag of the chemotherapy drug, which was stopped during my initial head issues. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow!

My little man stopped by again to visit Mommy and Daddy for awhile. It is a blessing that I am able to see him everyday because I sure do miss taking care of him every second!!

Here is a little taste of Bryce cheering Mommy up with his antics.



Day 6


December 30th, 2012- Today has been a very good day for me! I had a CT scan of my brain again this morning to see how things are and the doctors say everything looks good. They think some of the blood has been reabsorbed, but it is like a bruise so it will take some time to heal. The good news is my blood vessels in my brain look good.

The doctors are still holding off on one of my chemotherapy treatments since it can hinder blood clotting and of course that could be bad in my case because of the blood in my brain. Hopefully we will find out more tomorrow as they discuss my treatment. I am also due for another spinal tap at Day 8, but the doctor isn’t sure it’s a good idea. I am very scared about future spinal taps just because of what happened before, but I will stay strong and persevere.

It is still very hard to believe that I have leukemia! But I know everything will work out for the best. I have such a loving husband who has been at my side since day 1 of this journey. I have no idea what I would do without him. I also have the BEST family on both sides, who have helped us in every possible way. I am so thankful for my friends and family!!!!


Bryce is doing well with the transition to living with Grammy and Grampy. Although, he might be cutting more teeth and can be extra fussy when he is tired. I get to see my little man everyday thanks to my in-laws and it is helping me stay strong.

Day 5


UPDATE—–Finally my day 5 picture, sorry it took me awhile to post it.

December 29th, 2012– I had a very good day today.  My CT scan with dye showed nothing new, I got in 10 laps around the halls, had a nice relaxing shower, and rested a lot.  I am fading quickly to sleep so the picture will be posted tomorrow, but I am very excited it has Bryce with his 5 month sticker and mommy with her day 5 paper!

I will leave you guys a picture of my son, Bryce, and I during one of his visits.


Day 4


December 28th, 2012– It is amazing to see just how quickly things can change even in single day.  I received a CT scan this morning and by the afternoon was told there was bleeding in my head.  Thankfully it was outside the lining of my brain and is small enough that they believe it will re-absorb quickly.  Another CT scan was ordered with dye but as usual due to my veins it will be delayed until tomorrow since they have been unable to get a new IV line in my arm for the dye.  They are not certain if the headache was initially caused by the bleed or if the violent nausea that came with the initial headache is to blame but I am being watched closely.

Then tonight I got a late night call letting me know that the genetic testing on my bone marrow had been completed.  I have the triple trisomy marker which is VERY good news and puts my fight for a cure at an even stronger level.  Time to keep fighting!

Day 3


December 27th, 2012– After a pretty good morning my platelets were finally high enough for my LP to be scheduled.  They got the spinal fluid and injected the chemo easily enough but by the time I got back to the room I had a horrible headache.  This quickly lead to severe nausea and many hours of throwing up along with extreme noise and light sensitivity.  After many rounds of medication the nausea was under control and an hour long shower helped enough with the headache to allow me to get some sleep.  David was nice enough to get a day 3 picture regardless!

Day 2


December 26th, 2012– Day 2 of my chemotherapy treatment! Bryce is supporting his mommy while I go through this.  Today involved a lot of sleep and a long attempt at a Lumbar Puncture (LP or Spinal Tap).  I am apparently a hard stick in almost every way so they will be sending me down to radiology tomorrow in order to get the spinal fluid and put in the chemo.

Day 1


December 25th, 2012– My road to recovery has started today!! I have finished all 3 rounds of chemotherapy tonight, but more to come. I’ve been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) type B on Christmas of all days, but that didn’t get me down. David’s family and my family have been wonderful and brought Christmas to me in the hospital (pictures to come). As I am on the road to recovery I am going to be posting pictures and updates. Maybe even create a blog since I will have all the time in he world. I am thinking positive positive positive. I want to see my son grow up and grow old with my husband.