Day 4


December 28th, 2012– It is amazing to see just how quickly things can change even in single day.  I received a CT scan this morning and by the afternoon was told there was bleeding in my head.  Thankfully it was outside the lining of my brain and is small enough that they believe it will re-absorb quickly.  Another CT scan was ordered with dye but as usual due to my veins it will be delayed until tomorrow since they have been unable to get a new IV line in my arm for the dye.  They are not certain if the headache was initially caused by the bleed or if the violent nausea that came with the initial headache is to blame but I am being watched closely.

Then tonight I got a late night call letting me know that the genetic testing on my bone marrow had been completed.  I have the triple trisomy marker which is VERY good news and puts my fight for a cure at an even stronger level.  Time to keep fighting!


One thought on “Day 4

  1. Mom wanted to let you know that she is home now, and loves you very much. Glad that you received good news, will return as soon as possible.. love Mom and Bill

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