Day 7


December 31st, 2012- Last night had a little bit of a scare. The nurse gave me my anti-nausea medicine (phenergan) through my IV and I became extremely jittery, tired, and loopy. It also caused me to have a severe headache, which was further complicated because it raised my blood pressure. The high pressure could have caused addition problems with the bleed in my brain, but the nurses acted quickly and a few doses of morphine later and a nice hot shower I was fine. So, now phenergan is listed as my FIRST allergy, to be on the safe side. I regained a little bit of freedom as well today as they took me off my IV fluids. I no longer have my “leash”!

Both of my current doctors came to see me today to discuss my continued treatment plan. I will be starting my next round of chemotherapy tomorrow as scheduled, two doses. They are also ordering a new bag of the chemotherapy drug, which was stopped during my initial head issues. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow!

My little man stopped by again to visit Mommy and Daddy for awhile. It is a blessing that I am able to see him everyday because I sure do miss taking care of him every second!!

Here is a little taste of Bryce cheering Mommy up with his antics.



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