Day 9


January 2nd, 2013- As I am typing right now the nurses are flushing my chemotherapy treatment for the day. We did have a late start due to the pharmacy accidentally refrigerating the drug. Luckily, they just had to wait a few more hours for it to warm up before giving it to me. One of the nurses promised to sit on it in order to warm it up quicker. This is the chemotherapy drug that they postponed due to the fact that I had bleeding in my brain.

David and I got to go real estate shopping today in order for me to find a new room. The room I had before was right outside the nurses station and was getting pretty noisy during the night when I need my rest. We found a cozy little one bedroom, one bath just down the hall with 24 hour nurse care, room service, and cable TV. Not to mention it was fully furnished! The nurses are all so nice here and helped us move down the hall to our new room.

Grammy and Bryce came by to visit today and we took him for a stroll around our hospital wing (he fell asleep within 4 laps). He seems to be getting bigger every time he comes to visit!

Another good day is complete!

Here are 2 pictures of our visit with Bryce today….I miss him so much and his Daddy does too!

photo photo(1)


6 thoughts on “Day 9

  1. Hi, Diana!

    Gayle from Info Tech here, sending get well vibes your way! Everyone is thinking about you.

    Love that giggly smile of Bryce’s in the picture with David.

  2. Diana,
    Since you are so committed to your blog and since we are so committed to supporting you in your recovery, we have decided that we will be posting our daily thoughts/discussions as comments to your daily posts. Yes, most of the time they will be random, but they’ll be things we all found funny throughout the day, things that we’d like to share with you. Hopefully, they’ll be entertaining, and become something you look forward to reading. 🙂

    Please feel free to reply with any comments, statements, anything at all. Essentially, we want this to be a blog within a blog – an open line of communication between us all for thoughts, videos, links, etc.

    If you’re not okay with this or have any concerns, please let us know and we absolutely won’t do it. If not, I hope you’re ready for day 1 of this blog adventure 🙂

    Know that we’re thinking of you, and are here if you need anything.

    – David’s team.

  3. David’s Info Tech team–
    That sounds awesome! I would really enjoy that. I definitely need a little humor every day to keep up my spirits. Not that David isn’t doing his job, but it does get quite boring in here all cooped up. I love that everyone is finding ways to support us that I would never have imagined. You guys have always made me feel like I am a part of your group! I cannot express how much I appreciate everything!!

    Diana and David

    P.S. Let’s get this entertainment started!

  4. Dianna I love the inference to the new real estate options there. Very cute and a good way to have a better attitude about your living situation at this moment. Hang in there girl!!! Sorry I haven’t been by, I have been slowly recovering from a cold. Good thoughts and lots of prayers for all of you!!

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