Day 10


January 3rd, 2013- The past few days I’ve been experiencing insomnia and my nerves are getting a bit frayed. They believe it’s tied to the drug that I have to take two times a day, prednisone (a steroid for cancer treatment). I usually take my second dose around 9pm, but we are attempting to fix the situation by moving it earlier. Tonight I got my second dose at 6pm, around my dinner time. I hope moving it earlier works and they also prescribed me ambien as needed (it is much needed). I’ve also been feeling a bit BLAH today. I think it’s the chemotherapy wearing me down and also the lack of sleep, but I did get my mile walk in today!

Bryce’s daily visit helped me get through the day today since my nerves have been getting the better of me lately. His visits are the perfect medicine to help make this all better! I got to feed him a bottle today and he has some of the funniest quirks while he eats. He will grab hold of the bottle to help guide it in his mouth and then he will rub his head with his hands while eating. He is such a precious blessing!

Here are some pictures from today with Bryce.

DSC_0810 photo(2)


6 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Diana, when I was sick a few years ago, I joined a group called chemoangels. You sign up as a person undergoing treatment, and you’re assigned an angel. The angel sends you little gifts and things every week.

    It’s very simple, yet it was something to look forward to. It’s free! Check them out.

    Conversation with the USPS guy.
    USPS guy – “what is in the envelopes?”
    Akshata : “Oh, just some wedding invites.”
    USPS guy – “Oh, you are getting married. Do you know there is a book on successful marriage?”
    Akshata: “Oh really?”
    USPS guy – “Yes, you will find it in the pet store under the title “How to train your Pet”. That is all you need.”

    RAQUEL TO ALYSA: “HOLD UP! Read the story aloud to everyone so they remember.”
    ALYSA: “I’ll just send it to everyone.”
    RAQUEL: “Just read it.”
    ALYSA: “Sends the story through gmail chat.”
    JB: “Now I just want to make Alysa read something”
    ALYSA: “What do you mean?”
    SARAH: “She doesn’t read well JB…”
    *change of topic*
    JB: “I’m glad no one listens to me when I read to Khloe, there are like 1,000 UH’s”.
    *change of topic*
    JB: “These noodles are delicious.”
    *change of topic, back to USPS*
    ADEL: “That is just a strange thing to say to someone.”
    PHILIP: “Why didn’t he just go ahead and tell her to get a book on how to spay/neuter her husband?
    JB: “That is awesome. You know, you get married and they put them in a jar.”
    SARAH: “WHAT?”
    JB: “YES. Mine are in the jar, she gives them to me whenever she feels the need to.”
    *change of topic*
    JOE: “Alysa, you are our new stenographer.”
    JB: “Women have those on their backs. They remember everything you say.”
    JB: “Example: Remember 4 years ago when you got me dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate?”
    *change of topic*
    RAQUEL: “Joe, why aren’t you participating? And why are you eating only meat and no noodles?”
    JOE: “Guuuurl, why are you worried about what I’m eating?”
    JOE: “Noodles are like Puerto Ricans…”


  3. David’s Info Tech team-
    I can’t believe the USPS guy said that to Akshata! He must’ve had a bad marriage. Although, it is very true on JB’s part, I also have David’s parts in a jar as well (as he looks at me inquisitively). You all are completely crazy, but HILARIOUS!!
    Alysa you are doing an awesome job at being the stenographer in this.
    David says to ask JB why he is slacking, there isn’t enough talk about POOP and FARTS?! …speaking of which we Facetimed Bryce last night and he grunted out a HUGE poopie while Grampy was holding him. It was hilarious to hear his grunts and see his red face.
    Joe- Why are you not eating the noodles?? Noodles have good carbohydrates so you can get back into the gym.

  4. Diana,

    You’re so right – I’m surprised there hasn’t been more conversations about poop and farts. It’s really strange, especially for this room! But don’t think that won’t happen, it’s usually the main topic of discussion in here 🙂

    And, we all told Joe he needs to eat his noodles and get back to the gym, haha.

    Hope you’re having a good day 🙂


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