Day 11


January 4th, 2013- The next few days are chemotherapy free until Tuesday…I get a few days off!! yay! Then, back to my two chemotherapy treatments. Today was a little bit better of a day for me in terms of sleep. David says I slept through most of the night, but it doesn’t feel like a normal nights sleep to me. It doesn’t help much that I have to be woken up every 4 hours to get my vitals checked and a midnight blood draw (heart monitor, blood pressure, and temperature– all included). With possible surprise that I may need a blood transfusion and platelets. Last night my platelet count went down past 50 and so I had to receive a transfusion. Since I have been in here I have received 2 blood transfusions and 6 platelet transfusions. Never in my life have I ever thought I would be receiving donated blood. It is so amazing to see people’s generosity working to help save my life and others just by giving their blood! If you are a blood donor, thank you thank you thank you!!!!

We had our usual time with Bryce today and as always he worked his magic on my spirits. He is such a miracle worker. Toward the end of our visit we took Bryce for a walk around our small hospital wing and he passed out for Grampy’s ride home. It is so cute to see him all relaxed in his stroller with his head bobbing gently to our pace. We also got to see him before our dinner on Facetime and we recited his favorite bedtime story from memory (Pajama Time! by: Sandra Boynton).

Here is a picture of us outside of our room. Don’t mind my mask it will be a new permanent accessory for me. Also, Bryce ate a little bit of Day 11! nom nom nom paper………..



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