Day 12


January 5th, 2013- Last night started out rough!! Normally a little bit of missed sleep is easy to bounce back from, but lately those missed hours just add up for me. My “high tech” inflatable hospital bed would not stop buzzing every 30 seconds last night. Yet there was somehow still zero support and I might as well have been sleeping on the ground. A lot of tossing and turning and 2 ambien later still found me wide awake. David was a trooper and was trying to help calm me down because at that point I felt nauseous and broken down. He flagged down our nurse and PCA and asked them for another bed, as he heard whispers of a normal mattress. The nurse and PCA found a normal bed for me, which they thankfully switched in quickly for me. My night from then on was not overly restful, but I did at least stop feeling sick. The nurse once again had to give me a platelet transfusion along with my normal nightly interruptions. I think she felt bad waking me up so often because she was so so quiet when she would come in.

**Fun fact: We found out today that it takes 10 blood donors to create a single bag of platelets, 100ml.

My overall day was uneventful but generally good. However, not being able to see Bryce all the time is definitely taking a toll on me, but as always his daily visits give me the boost that I need. I miss my little man so much that there is not a second that goes by that I do not wish that he was in my arms.

Here are some pictures of our visit with Bryce today.

DSC_0834 DSC_0844


4 thoughts on “Day 12

  1. You are such an amazing mama! Bryce looks so happy in your arms in all of these pics…what a sweet little guy! Marie used to rub her head like that too when she ate, so cute:)
    Glad you got a normal bed but not fun that you’ve had so many rough nights. I have been reading all your updates and we’re keeping the prayers going strong from this end, especially for a restful night tonight. Hugs!

    • Megan,

      Thank you so much! He is always a happy happy baby when he comes by for his visits with us. He definitely enjoys seeing Mommy and Daddy and luckily at his age he doesn’t really seem to know what is going on.
      Thank you for your thoughts and prayers through this whole journey. I appreciate everything I can get!!

      I hope your family is doing well!


  2. I used to be so squeamish about needles and I didn’t donate blood. I do now, even though I hate it. But I think about what I have to go through to donate, and what the folks who need it have to go through, and there’s no contest.

    Love Bryce’s squiggles on your sign. A true artist in the making!

    • Gayle,

      Thank you so very much for sharing!! I never even knew giving blood was a huge deal until now. It helps and saves a lot of lives that is for sure!
      It is truly amazing each time when I get a transfusion to see that someone went out of there way to give blood.
      We decided to give Bryce the highlighter to try out and he went straight to the paper, but then he wanted the highlighter in his mouth. It didn’t last long, but he helped Mommy make her sign colorful. He is too cute and always a happy baby when he stops by and sleepy baby when he leaves.

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