Day 13


January 6th, 2013- I think I got a little bit of sleep last night finally. Although, the interruptions still make it hard to feel like I got a full nights rest. I did need another platelet transfusion last night as well as a sodium phosphate IV. They usually draw my blood at night to make sure I am a-okay. I got a little bit of good news, they are going to start drawing my blood only once a day now. I am a little worried about my right calf lately it seems to feel like it wants to cramp up or at times it gives out on me. I hope I don’t wake up in the middle of the night with the cramp!

On another note my hair is coming out in handfuls today. David cut two locks of hair to save in a jar so we can look back at this time and compare my hair when it grows back. I am on the verge of asking the nurses to cut it all off (shave it). David thinks it looks fine still, but I am tired of picking my hair off of everything especially in my bed and on my clothes. Other than my hair and leg today has been a pretty good day!

Grammy and Bryce stopped by for a visit at their usual time, around lunch. Bryce had a new noise to show us. He makes it sound cute, but unfortunately it sounds a lot like his Father’s bad habit of clearing his throat. We read him his usual stories that he absolutely loves and has begun to recognize. I got to feed him his bottle this afternoon and feeding him (even if it’s a bottle) soothes me. Being able to have him so close in a position so familiar is just the most amazing feeling for me. He is my special little boy and will always and forever be in my heart!!

Bryce being held up by Daddy making his old man face for us.



9 thoughts on “Day 13

  1. I fully support the head shaving. And I did the bald thing – no wig, no bandanas. I did wear hats if my head got cold. It was hard, but only for the first half hour or so. Then I forgot about being bald. It helps to have supportive friends and family around you!

    *hugs* to you. My hair grew back curly and thick. I loved it.

    As for the entertainment of the day – A hamburger walked into a bar. The bartender said, “We don’t serve food here.”

  2. “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22 NIV). Stay Cheerful Diana….love Mom and Bill

  3. DAY 2, TOPIC.
    [PS. We got a new team member today. Her name is Suzanne, and she may be participating in this blog. Just wanted to let you know, in case you see her name.]

    JB: “I have a trophy in my shed, for the “MOST ROMANTIC” poem written to your wife.”
    RAQUEL: “WHY is it in the shed?”
    ALYSA: “You wrote a poem?”
    *change of topic*
    RAQUEL: “Why do I have to do everything around here?”
    JB: “I’m about to shut this down real quick. How’d you get that coffee out there?”
    RAQUEL: “Hold up. Excuse me.”
    *change of topic*
    Ozette walks into the room.
    RAQUEL: “Did you see something different about Ozette?” (references his mustache area with her reindeer, fuzzy, christmas pen)
    JB: “I had to do a double take this morning.”
    OZETTE: “Before I was an ollllld man, now I’m more relaxed.”
    RAQUEL: “Now he’s got the bling bling though. Why, in case you see P. Diddy or something?”
    OZETTE: laughs.
    RAQUEL: “He’s a high roller.”
    JB: “Is P. Diddy his name now, doesn’t he change it?”
    OZETTE: “I guess if you have all that money, you can just change it as you want.”
    *change of topic*
    OZETTE: walks over to Sarah, who is on her phone, and asks to see pictures from her trip.
    JB: “Got a picture of Ozette in a speedo?”
    OZETTE: “WHAT?! NOOOO”. Laughs.
    SARAH: “Continues to show Ozette photos from Vegas.”
    SARAH: “If you have to have a neck strap for your drink, it’s probably too big.”
    *change of topic*
    RAQUEL: “I still don’t understand that weird pose.”
    JB: “That was Ozette stretching before he gets in a hot tub.”
    *change of topic*
    RAQUEL: “HOLD UP. I need clarification of the trophy situation. First of all, why is the trophy in the shed?”
    JB: “I don’t know.”
    RAQUEL: “How did you get this trophy? What does it look like?”
    JB: “I won it. It has a picture of a man with a piece of paper”
    RAQUEL: “Do you have the poem? I need to see it.”
    JB: “Yes, it’s on my computer.” (sends it.)
    ALYSA: “I’m not reading this out loud.” (sends to Raquel).
    RAQUEL: “Does your wife have it framed?”
    JB: “I think she has it on the piece of notebook paper I wrote it on.”
    JB: “The beginning is the worst. It has that shock factor.”
    ALYSA: “you just have to get through the first part.”
    JB: “I read this aloud to my entire church.”
    SUZANNE: “What was your wife doing while you were reading it?”
    JB: “She was bright red. That first line was to just strike fear in her heart..”

    And stay tuned – JB will be bringing in the trophy tomorrow for a photo 🙂

    • You all are too funny! It is so much fun reading this stuff, but now you got me wanting to see the poem. JB probably had to put the trophy in the shed so people would stop asking him to read it, Kaci made him put it there (so says David). Ozette looks smashing with his new clean cut look!

  4. Diana,
    You are beautiful without hair- enjoy reading your blog and your positive attitude. Prayers from Bill Hart’s sister, Betty. Be brave!

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