Day 14


January 7th, 2013- Sleep has still been hard to come by but taking ativan instead of ambien worked to make me sleepy and settle my stomach, so I was able to get a little bit of rest last night.  My day was good overall but I am sure many of you are here to see a bit more about my nice new haircut.  I uploaded a shortened video to youtube (still several minutes) of the good bits but would be happy to share the full video with anyone interested. I am actually really happy with the cut, David did a good job, and it is nice not to have to pick my hair off of everything every few minutes. Now I have an excuse to find cute accessories to wear!

I start my next round of chemotherapy tomorrow which I hope goes well.  It is nothing new thankfully but it is still very draining on me.  I will also be getting another CT scan tomorrow to check out the progress of my brain bleed because they want to do another LP Wednesday.  Fingers crossed that the CT is clean but I am not looking forward to having another LP done regardless.

Bryce came with Grampy today to check out Mommy’s new haircut and was all giggles during his visit.  We danced to the radio which was incredibly cute. He stood on my lap and wiggled his hips whenever a song with a nice beat came on. He also kept trying to grab the chips I was eating while he sat on my lap which I guess may be a good sign for us starting him on cereal soon, at least for the first bite. He always seems to have to go so quickly but we went for a walk to help him nap and he left. I can’t wait to go home and see him all the time.

Here are some pictures from his visit and of my new haircut.

DSC_0892 photo (2) photo (1)


4 thoughts on “Day 14

  1. You look amazing! And now you and Bryce have matching hair!

    When Sammy was four months old, we went to visit my SIL in St. Augustine. The drive there is pretty, but the sun patches coming in through the trees – the light and dark switching really quickly – made my tummy feel funny. So when we got to Karen’s house, I asked if she had a cracker.

    Just as I was about to eat it, Sammy grabbed it and shoved the whole thing in his mouth before I could stop him. And then looked for me.

    That’s when I realized he was ready for solid foods. 🙂


    RAQUEL: “I have decided to become a vegan for health reasons.”
    JOE: Has decided to go to a gym (per Raquel), sleep more, and go to the gym.
    JB: “Joe is going to sleep around and go to Japan.”
    JOE: “NO.”
    ALYSA: “I want to eat healthier and try to save money.:
    RAQUEL: “JB, Are you gonna try and stop being country for the new year?”
    JB: “NO. I wish you knew what country is.”
    JB: “I don’t wear Wrangler jeans…”
    RAQUEL: “Yes he does. Wrangler every day.”
    JB: “No, I’m a jean snob. I wear Buckle jeans.”
    SARAH: “I’m a jean snob too!”
    *change of topic*
    SARAH: “My resolution is to sleep more, and maybe gain 5 lbs.”
    JB: “That’s a good resolution. Where do you wanna gain it?”
    SARAH: “All in my left arm.”
    SARAH: “No, I want to gain it everywhere.”
    JOE: “Eat some butter. It works for Paula Deen.”
    SARAH: “No, I’m not doing it that way.”
    JOE: “Paula Deen’s catch phrase: Oops, it fell in the butter…”
    *change of topic*
    JOE: “My resolution is to learn more about my Mexican heritage from my fellow Mexican Rrrrrrraquel.”
    ALYSA: “And, learn how to roll your R’s”
    *change of topic*
    JB: “What do you call a vegetarian with diarrhea?”
    JB: “A salad shooter.”
    RAQUEL: “Why are you looking at this?”
    JB: “I was looking for funny vegetarian quotes.
    RAQUEL: “I’m not vegetarian, I’m vegan.”
    JB: “I know, they’re different. Vegans eat only wood.”
    JB: “A vegetarian can still produce an egg fart that stinks.”
    RAQUEL: “Oh dear lord. What is it about you and bodily functions?”
    JB: “It’s in my family, and apparently it’s hereditary. Khloe thinks it’s funny.”
    RAQUEL: “Because she learned it from you!”
    JB: “Get serious, has anyone in here pooted and not laughed?”
    RAQUEL: “What is poot?”
    SARAH: “I’ve never heard a guy say the word poot.”
    SARAH: “I do it too.”
    RAQUEL: “Sarah, are you saying you currently do that? SO if we hear you laugh, is that what it means?”

    That’s all of our shenanigans for today – you know JB had to throw something about farts in there for David.
    PS, we all LOVE your haircut!

    • Obviously I was not in the room when ANY of this happened :(! Still flipping hilarious though…

      Sincerely, your favorite Ginger, Adel!

    • Sorry that you weren’t in the room Adel, but ALL of that was definitely hilarious. Thank you for dropping off the banana bread that your Mom made for us. Sorry I wasn’t able to see you, but once I’m feeling better and my counts are up we can have more visitors potentially.

      Raquel why do you want to become a vegan? Wood tastes gross, enjoy the finer things in life. Sarah to gain 5lbs you must follow the Man Vs Food diet (it’s a show on the Travel Channel). Joe don’t you know everyone in Japan sleeps around, embrace the culture. JB you are the closets to country Raquel has gotten, so it counts! Besides if I remember correctly your shoe of choice is a pair of cowboy boots. Alysa it seems that typing is taking up all of your attention. We need to see more participation from you.

      Keep the conversations coming.. I love them!

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