Day 15


January 8th, 2013- I actually got a decent bit of sleep last night…bald of course! It actually feels quite nice not having to bother with my hair being in my face while sleeping. I took another ativan before bed last night again and it helped settle my stomach and relax me. I just finished both of my chemotherapy treatments and I am feeling a little run down. My stomach still has been upset for most of the day. The doctors all say it’s a common side effect of the treatments. I do have my good days with it, but today was not one of them. I hope tomorrow brings a better day, but I am due for my LP (spinal tap) and I don’t want a repeat of the last one. The nurses and doctors are all on high alert, and they promise to drug me up pretty well before and after the procedure. I have many more in the coming months and years, so I hope the first one was just an anomaly. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers especially for tomorrow!!

Bryce came by with Grampy today a little bit earlier since I had my first chemotherapy treatment around noon. We turned on the radio again for more dancing and smiles. He is such a hoot when he dances! He still makes his silly throat clearing noise just like his Daddy’s bad habit. Today seemed to have gone by too quickly when he was here. I miss him to the moon and back and I cannot wait to see him tomorrow!

Thank you everyone for your supportive words about my new haircut!!

Here is a picture of Mommy and Bryce before I was here in the hospital.



9 thoughts on “Day 15

  1. Hopefully this doesn’t come across the wrong way but I think you look as beautiful as ever! Maybe because you can see more of your smile without hair next to your face 🙂

    What time is the sinal tap? Know that I will be praying all day, but if you get a chance to tell me a specific time than I’ll say some extra prayers then. You’re doing great, pretty mama!

    • Megan
      Thank you for the comment! I think it looks great and I have already ordered some cute headbands on Etsy. Hopefully they will look cute on me. I might potentially make some of my own, if David can go to the craft store lol and find the materials.
      I’m not quite sure when the LP is scheduled for today. We haven’t gotten the word yet and its 8:30am right now. I’m guessing around noon? Hopefully I will see Bryce before or after! Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers during this. I really appreciate everything!!

  2. Hello Lady!! You are in our thoughts and prayers, especially today for the LP. Let me know if you want us to help David find some craft materials for your hair pieces. I can’t wait to see what beautiful things you create.


  3. Sending good vibes for the spinal tap and yay for decent sleep!

    A rope walks into the bar. The bartender said, we don’t serve ropes here. So the rope leaves, ties himself up, messes up his top, and comes back. The bartender said, aren’t you the rope I just kicked out of here? And the rope said, No, I’m afraid not. (say it out loud. 🙂


    JOE: “Raquel, your tank top is flesh colored. And it scares me every time you walk in. I keep thinking your belly is hanging out.”
    RAQUEL: “First of all, this is not flesh colored. I am not this color. And, my stomach is not that brown, it’s white.”
    JB: “Your tank top does make me do a double take. You ARE that brown.”
    *change of topic*
    RAQUEL: “Is all of this being stenographed?”
    JB: “Get to stenographing, stenographer.”
    ALYSA: “Is stenograph a verb?”
    ALYSA: “I got the flesh colored tank top part.”
    RAQUEL: “This is NOT flesh colored. This is YOUR color, not mine!”
    *change of topic*
    RAQUEL: “My neck’s about to fall off.”
    JB: “It’s not good when you’re about to lose your neck. You need that to hold up your head.”
    *change of topic*
    RAQUEL: “Back it UUUUP”.
    *change of topic*
    BARRY: “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
    JB: “I got bronchitis.”
    ALYSA: “I thought they was barbecuin..”
    (video reference below)

    Ps. Adel keeps wondering why she isn’t a part of these conversations/posts…

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