Day 16


January 9th, 2013- Today has actually been a good day. I was very nervous about my LP but the Interventional Radiologist that normally does the procedure was back and the PA I feel very comfortable with both did an awesome job! I was given some nice pain and nausea medication ahead of time and things worked out well. I have been extremely tired today between the chemotherapy yesterday and the LP today so hopefully that caries over into the night.

Bryce and Grampy delayed their visit until after my LP but I hardly remember the visit. I couldn’t stay awake for the second half of his time but I do remember him playing on my bed with his new Elmo rattle, thanks to Marc and Carly. He would track and reach for it as you handed it to him then shove it straight into his mouth once he had it in his grasp. He is becoming so aware of everything and never ceases to amaze me.  I wish I had been awake for every moment but my body needs its rest so I can be there day after day for my little man.


4 thoughts on “Day 16

  1. WOW does Bryce look like David in that picture!

    I’m relieved to hear the LP went well. And get some sleep!

    A rabbi, a priest, and a nun walk into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, “What is this? A joke?”

  2. Hi Diana.
    Today was a pretty slow/quiet day and nothing really eventful happened, but we have a little something to share 🙂

    RAQUEL: “I’m concerned about her well-being. I haven’t heard from her.”
    JB: “Maybe she died.”
    RAQUEL: “That isn’t politically correct. What is your deal with dead jokes?”
    JB: “You’re right, dead jokes don’t work in this room.”
    *change of topic*
    JB: “Have you ever seen a catahoula dog?”
    JOE: “A WHAT?”
    JB: “It’s a leopard dog.”
    RAQUEL: “Is it legal?”
    JB: “Yes, completely legal. They’re from Louisiana.”
    RAQUEL: “Oh lord, it’s a COUNTRY DOG.”
    *change of topic*
    JB: “I’m selling a weight bench.”
    SARAH: “You are? For how much?”
    JB: “I don’t want to sell it to you.”
    JOE: “JB is cheap. He buys low and sells high. JERK.”

    • That is such a cute dog. but it is really considered a country kind of dog? and whatever happened to JB’s poem?!!! I have to see this. Sarah I really don’t think you need to be pressing weights, I’m scared for you girl. Maybe if JB was spotting or something although he may get sidetracked. David is being a stinky husband right now and finally getting his shower for the day..well… night lol!

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