Day 18


January 11th, 2013- Today was another good day overall.  I am slowly improving on all fronts and hope that the improvements will continue.  My stomach has been a bit upset again but it was manageable and even gone at points today which is a huge improvement.  My leg strength and cramping issues seemed to have slightly passed today.  I worked my legs constantly while I was laying or sitting and split my walk into two 5 lap sessions in order to get up more often.  I am still a bit unsteady but I am far less uncertain about moving around.  The tired, out of it feeling has yet to fully clear but if this is the worst part of a day I think I came out on top. It can be frustrating to not keep up with some thoughts but what can you do.  Fingers crossed that the tired part carries over into the night.

Bryce had another extended visit today so Grampy could get a haircut.  He switched formula last night because Grampy felt that the other kind was upsetting his tummy. David and I are happy with the switch for the smell alone, his breath reeked with the first kind and is far nicer with this new type. He was very happy and active today with his typical dancing, which we recorded, and general shenanigans.

Check out several captured moments from this afternoon.

DSC_1064 DSC_1099 DSC_1073 photo(4)


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