Day 19


January 12, 2013- Today was such a wonderful day all around. My stomach has been pretty much settled today. I am still working on strengthening my legs so that they don’t cramp up. Between walking Bryce before he left and walking our hospital wing with David I got a mile in. It does feel good to walk, but I do get tired easily. I have been having light dizzy spells, but nothing to be concerned about because my energy level is ZERO. Although, I do work to save my energy for when Bryce is here!

It feels like there are not enough hours in the day when I’m in here. So far we have only gotten to watch one and a half movies and one TV show. My sleep schedule has started to follow the nurses and PCA’s schedule. I will often wake up before they even come in for blood work, IV, or vitals. All the nurses and PCA’s that I’ve had here have been so extraordinary! I hope that when I do eventually get out of here we can still keep in touch, they are my life savers.

On to my by little man BRYCE! Grampy came by with him today and while at first Mommy felt weak from being slightly dizzy he sure did bring me back to life. We had so much fun with him as always, but today was a special day for us. Grampy brought baby rice cereal for Bryce to try for the first time. At first he was not into trying the baby cereal, so we decided to give him his bottle. He took is bottle well as always and then we waited over an hour and tried the baby cereal again. Clever little Bryce would take a spoon full of baby cereal and then chase it down with his thumb. He did this for a good 5 minutes and then decided he was done with dried up baby cereal all over his hands, face, and bib.

Of course there are some pictures of Bryce being fed baby cereal for the first time and Mommy feeding him a bottle.

Also, I finally got one of my cute headband accessories today from an seller…LOVE IT! (I picked the orange ribbon to represent leukemia)

DSC_0076 DSC_0069 DSC_0044 (2)


19 thoughts on “Day 19

  1. How can I not pause to comment? Your smile is contagious and so is your positive outlook. May you continue on a smooth road to recovery.

  2. It’s an overcast day here in Maryland but I have to say, you put the sunshine in my day. You have a smile as bright as the sun. So thank you and may every day forward be a great day for you.

  3. I’m sending you positive energy and prayers. I found my Breast Cancer in Feb. 2010 but am doing well now except for having no energy. Probably my own fault cuz I take care of my parents and don’t get to exercise enough and I haven’t been watching my diet lately either. Good luck to you sweetie and know you’ll be in my thoughts and prayers! 😀

    • Thank you and I hope you get your energy levels back soon! Try going for walks morning, day, or evening. They definitely help it especially gets your mind cleared of things (to a point). My thought and prayers are to you and your family!

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  5. Oh, I just want to share this. Juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables help with energy levels immensely. Hospital food is sadly devoid of chi. A friend of mine recovered from organ failure due to advanced pancreatic cancer. She felt hope and strength physically after a week of pure juice. The doctor actually approved the dietary change and we are forever grateful. My friend has recovered fully and is in glowing health. You may wish to consider it. Be well.

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