Day 20


January 13th, 2013- Today has continued to be uneventful. David and I did review my 2 year 3 month chemotherapy regimen which was a bit daunting. It is nice however to get a full picture of what will be going on during that time and to see exactly how strenuous it will be some months. I am grateful that the majority of that time will be spent living at home but some of the schedules will have me driving to the hospital 5 days a week. My days still find me tired and a bit unstable but I think I am slowly getting better in that regard.

Bryce visited with Grammy and Grampy today. As always he was a happy ball of giggles and energy. The nurses here are bringing out a hilarious flirtatious side of him whenever they peak into his stroller.  He will take everyone in and then at just the right moment will break into a toothy smile and make all the ladies melt. We did cereal again today and he was even better about taking in mouthfuls of the stuff than yesterday. He would grab the spoon and try to feed himself which was then followed by amazingly cute faces as he tried to decide how best to get it all down.

We of course captured a bit of those antics on video. Not to mention a nice image of mommy and Bryce.



6 thoughts on “Day 20

  1. Hi Diana – i learned about your blog from the leukemia survivors group on Facebook. I, too, have ALL and am on a 2 year chemo protocol. I have one year down. Yay! If you have any questions that you think i might be able to answer, just let me know. Take good care. Mona

    • Mona- Thank you so much for responding on here and letting me know of your current experience. I am sure I will have plenty of questions for you once I have a moment to organize my thoughts. I am so glad that you have a year down and hope that you have a successful second year and beyond! Please, add me to your Facebook as well so we can keep in contact and talk more directly or I have an email address if you would prefer.
      Take care,

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