Day 22


January 15th, 2013- Today has been a tough day. I only got a few hours of sleep and then the transfusions began throughout the early morning. I wound up needing blood and platelets all on the same night so I was constantly hooked up to the blood pressure and heart monitors with additional temperature checks. On the bright side I can look forward to having a relatively uneventful night tonight so hopefully I can get some sleep, which is definitely needed because I have been exhausted all day. I also had my last round of chemotherapy this afternoon for this phase of the treatment so I believe I am in for a short break. I am still taking a steroid by mouth for awhile longer which is the cause of my leg cramps and weakness and I will have another LP (spinal tap) and bone marrow biopsy in about a week.

Now is the time to start hoping my blood counts begin to rise so I can start looking forward to going home and beginning my treatment in the clinic. The doctors and I have also discussed getting a portacath implanted before I leave the hospital but that is a minor surgery and cannot be considered until my counts are up. The portacath is a semi-permanent access point that is implanted in my chest for any and all future IV needs. It isn’t always done, but is definitely not uncommon, but with such a long road ahead it will provide me with many freedoms that my PICC line does not. The main freedom is that it is under the skin when not in use and therefore cannot be grabbed by the increasingly curious Bryce, not to mention I can shower without worry.

Bryce brought his smile and uplifting spirit to my room again this afternoon with a nice visit thanks to Grammy. A new tickle spot on his leg was discovered by Grampy the other day and it had him laughing like crazy. I got to hold him for the beginning of his visit but when they started the chemotherapy I had to be careful due to the harshness of the drugs and could only lean in for short kisses. David fed him his bottle and he passed out on Daddy as he finished for his usual 30 minute nap. For a change we had our goodbye walk as I started to get exhausted from my treatment. I hope I have the energy to keep up when I get home but he is the perfect motivation so I know I will make it happen.

Here is a quick snap of David enjoying a sleepy Bryce.

photo (3)


4 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. I had a port. It wasn’t any big deal, and I figured I’d have so many scars anyway that one more wouldn’t matter. It’s faded now, too, so it’s not really visible unless you’re looking for it. I say do it, once your counts are up.

    CONGRATULATIONS on that last round (for now) of chemo! I did a little clap in my office when I read that. Get yourself home!

    • I’m glad to know it’s not a big deal for sure. I am a little scared of the procedure, but I’ve already been through so much that I know I can handle it. I’m excited as well because hopefully that means I can get my butt home soon. This hospital is wearing me out!!

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