Day 23


January 16th, 2013- Last night was another rough night!! I got fluids before I went to sleep and then was kept up for two platelet transfusions. All of the fluids caused my stomach to be extremely bloated, which led to a night of harsh belly pain. I finally broke down last night in a crying fit because I could not get any sleep along with the pain. The pain carried over into the morning, but the nurse helped me decide the best way to get past the pain, morphine, and I was able to have a good rest of the day. I’m not big on painkillers just because when my Father had cancer he was constantly on morphine to help him.

I am getting tired of this hospital food, that’s for sure. Every single day it’s the same menu and unfortunately I can’t have half of the food since I am on a strict neutropenic diet. Which means I can’t have uncooked vegetables, fruit, peanuts, yogurt, and other precautions. Each day of the week I already know what I am going to have due to the limited menu that they have. David did treat me to Adam’s Rib Company last night, which was a great treat. Once my blood counts go up I should be able to go back to a semi-normal diet and I’ll be HOME! Hopefully that time comes soon because the stay is wearing me out.

Our son came to visit us with Grammy today and he is such a joy to see. He always has a smile on his face once he sees his Mommy and Daddy. I do admit at times I am scared that when we do get out of here it will be difficult for us to readjust. We are a family and we will work through anything!

Grammy and Bryce


Precious little man…all happy!


Mommy and Daddy k-i-s-s-i-n-g and a grossed out Bryce!



7 thoughts on “Day 23

  1. Boo for no sleep and belly pain. Yay for Smiling Bryce! Is the neutropenic diet because of bacteria or something? You’ll have to let us know your favorite meal so we can make it for you once you’re back home!

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    The guy doesn’t believe it, so the man says, “I’ll show you.” He jumps out of the window, and just when he’s about to go splat – he gets swooped up and put back in the bar.

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    • The diet is only for when my blood counts are low, so when I get home I don’t really need to follow it. I just have to be very very careful not to get sick. I will definitely let you guys know what kind of foods we like once we get back home and situated. Bryce man always brightens up my day when he comes to visit!!
      Superman is really a JERK if he does that when he is drunk lol!!!

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