Day 24


January 17th, 2013- Today has been relatively good so far for me. The only downside is that my platelets are not going up from the transfusions and they are continuing to work on finding the best way to get them to increase. They did some additional blood testing to get some more specific markers for a better donor match but by the time they needed to give me the platelets the bags were not ready. The nurses gave me the next best available match and we are currently waiting until my usual midnight blood testing to see how things worked. Worst case scenario I will be getting yet another late night transfusion but now they have two bags of closer fitting platelets available if needed. Interestingly enough we discovered with my second ever transfusion here that the blood type of platelet donors is not really a big deal, unlike with blood. A closer match can often give a better boost but I got several large increases from platelet transfusions that came from completely mismatched blood types at the start.

My emotions are definitely still running in overdrive today as I do not feel completely rested. The unknown of why this happened in the first place is one of those questions that anyone that has been in a difficult situation has had to face and is impossible not to ask knowing you will never get an answer. It has gotten the better of me a few times lately but David continues to talk me through it and I remind myself that I am stronger than this, for my son and myself. A restful night wouldn’t hurt either.

Bryce’s visit was a glowing time during my afternoon that helped my mind stop racing. His time here flew by today but I was able to feed him which is always therapeutic and the entire time I just took in every bit of him. During his visit the physical therapist stopped by and gave me some leg exercises which are extremely draining but will help slow the rate of muscle deterioration from the steroids and make my recovery in that regard quicker. Our day 24 picture was taken quickly as Bryce was getting extremely tired but a nice walk after saw him to sleep and on his way back with Grammy.

I wanted to share a picture of me with the wonderful prayer blanket that was given to me by Grace at Fort Clarke church thanks to the amazing request by my neighbor Blair. The idea of being covered in prayer by this is so touching and I absolutely love it!



5 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. So much stuff going on with you. 😦 It’s absolutely okay for you and David to be ticked off that this is happening. *hugs* to you both. You’ll get through it and soon it will be only a memory.

    I got a warm and cozy feeling when I read being covered in prayer. What a lovely sentiment and a lovely gift.

    A three-legged dog walked into a bar. He said, “I’m looking for the man who shot my paw.” 🙂

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