Day 25


January 18th, 2013- My platelet counts finally improved with last nights transfusion. Thanks to the successful transfusion I was able to get some sleep. We will see if they hold steady tonight when they draw my blood at midnight. I hope my counts go up soon so I can get out of the hospital and into my own home. Although, we will be staying with David’s parents for a little to adjust especially with Bryce. My overall day has been pretty good. My stomach issues have gone down a little bit, but it is normal to be experiencing these types of side effects. David and I continued the leg exercises today. I can’t believe how quickly my leg muscles have deteriorated.

Four more days until my LP and bone marrow biopsy (Tuesday). I am anxious about both procedures, especially on the same day, and what the results could be. They will be checking for MRD, Minimal Residual Disease, using a process called flow cytometry. Our new doctor mentioned a MRD between 1-5% is considered remission and may alter the intensity of the next part of my treatment. Of course I will keep everyone updated on the results!!

Bryce came by for his daily visit with Grammy today and we actually got to see Grampy for a little as well. He is a hoot when he hears the radio and is always dancing to the tunes. David got to feed him his bottle today and I got to feed him his baby cereal. It is so amazing to see him eat baby cereal because he immediately learned to grab the spoon and put it to his mouth to eat. He chases most bites with his right thumb in order to help swallow the new texture. He seems to really enjoy it! Toward the end of his visit we talked around the hospital wing to help Mommy exercise and to help him go down for his afternoon nap. It is still hard to see him leave without me, but I know he is in good hands and that we will be home soon.

Nekkid Bryce with Grammy and Mommy (he has a diaper on).



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