Day 26


January 19th, 2013- The chemotherapy is over for a brief period yet all the side effects I thought I had somehow avoided are catching up with me lately. I am past exhausted and in kind of a weird hazy state all the time which is extremely frustrating. My throat and mouth are starting to hurt and my stomach has decided to go from bloated to a constant ache that never quite fades. I am doing everything I can to help my body fight back and recover but it is definitely getting hard to get up and be active. I would sleep a lot more but when I lay down sleep never quite manages to find me. My attitude is still positive and I look forward to Bryce every day as my brief little blessing. I am so grateful that David has been able to be here for me as I would be hard pressed to deal with this emotionally on my own.

On a much more exciting note, Bryce’s visit today included a new type of food. He has always enjoyed little tastes of bananas and as he is due to try a new food we went ahead and got him some Gerber banana baby food. He ended up eating some but was not overly excited about the new taste. We all tried it and thought it wasn’t too bad but we will see if he ever decides to like it.

Here is a good picture of exactly what Bryce thought of his first couple bites.


However, he wasn’t complaining all that much and this was generally his expression during the feeding. Totally cute in both!



6 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. bless your heart… ❤

    Almighty Father in heaven, I am moved by the journey of this family…to battle leukemia .. Almighty Eternal Father in heaven…YOU have all power and all mercy, I praise Your name, exalt Your name and call upon YOUR name which I understand to be in Hebrew Ahayah, I AM …which is what You told Moses to say to the children of Israel… I ask for You to touch this family in a special way, I pray that You would breath Your pure set apart Breath upon them…healing and restoring what the locust, cankerworm, caterpillar and palmerworm have eaten …I ask that You would place them in the very best place for them, my prayer is not only for healing in body but in all ways…my prayer is that this situation that they are going through would touch the hearts of many so that they may in turn, humble themselves at Your throne and seek Your face and Your truth no matter what. I pray that Your will would be done in every area of their lives, please dress them in Your armor and the robes of Righteousness….as Your Ambassadors, I pray that You would sanctify their home as an Embassy for Your people and that no evil can ever touch them.. to You I give honour, and reverence and glory and thanks… Thy will be done for Your name's sake I pray. SO BE IT.

  2. Yay for the end of chemo!!!! Boo for delayed side effects. 😦 Listen to your body, though.

    A horse walked into a bar. The bartender asked, why the long face?

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