Day 27


January 20th, 2013- My counts may be rising! I was very close to needing a platelet transfusion last night so David asked the nurses to check me again around noon to try and get it done without needing to interrupt my sleep tonight. Amazingly my platelets came back higher, as well as my hemoglobin and hermatocrit! The big one we are watching is my ANC, absolute neutrophil count, along with my overall white blood cell count, which has yet to change but I am definitely hopeful. Unfortunately, today has been another very tough day due to the fact that I seem to have less and less energy and the general pains have not improved. All of these issues should improve as my counts increase and once I stop taking the steroid, which I stop tomorrow. David says I am so tired because my body is finally working overtime to bring my blood counts up, we shall see! I am still worried about Tuesday’s procedures but hopefully I will start feeling a bit better before then and will have more energy to take them on.

Bryce was definitely a breath of fresh air today with his huge smile for Mommy and his amazing spirit. We went back to rice baby cereal today which he ate well but I think he was hesitant for the first few bites, fully expecting bananas again. I read to him with Daddy and let my entire attention focus away from me and on to him the entire visit. I found the energy to walk him to  sleep as he left and got to watch his eyes slowly droop closed and the peaceful look as he napped.

We caught a very funny look from Bryce on another Day 27 picture which just had to be shared, the Elvis lip!



2 thoughts on “Day 27

  1. We started our boys on carrots and when Thing1 tried it for the first time, he made such a sour expression and pushed all the food out of his mouth. We dubbed that “the carrot face” and still say that when the kids try foods they don’t like.

    Though now I think sometimes they make the carrot face so they can have something different to eat, not what I’ve cooked them. Sneaky tweens!

    Hooray for raised counts! Smart David for asking for the noon check. I hope you slept well last night.

    A dyslexic walked into a bra. (this one is one of my favorites.)

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