Day 28


January 21st, 2013- Well my counts faked me out yesterday and went back down again. I received another platelet transfusion last night but thankfully since I am stable David continues to keep them away between midnight and six so I at least have some stretch of sleep. The transfusion worked well thankfully and my count jumped up to around 100, fingers crossed that is the last platelet transfusion I need! I wanted to add a little information about my platelet counts and why they matter today. Platelets are one of the major counts that are watched to make sure that your blood is able to clot properly. I was told that normally they give patients a transfusion if their count drops below 20, but due to the brain bleed I had at the beginning they have been giving me transfusions any time my platelets drop below 50. The further away from that incident the safer I am but I will take better safe than sorry any day when it comes to my noggin!

Today hasn’t brought anything new but the weakness in my legs is getting extreme, not to mention extremely annoying. It takes every bit of energy to get up from and into my bed but I am able to do so with minimal or no help most of the time. I took my last steroid pill, prednisone, this evening so here is to hoping that the nurses and doctors definition of a “quick” muscle recovery matches mine. My throat and stomach still hurt but I am managing them with a couple liquid soothers and gargles. That will supposedly also get better quickly as my blood counts improve which can’t happen fast enough. Leaving this place is within reach but I seem to be the weakest at this point, so it can be hard to see. I will need all the strength I can find tomorrow in order to face another LP, spinal tap, and bone marrow biopsy on the same day! No matter how many of these I face I am pretty sure it will be more than a little stressful.

Bryce’s visit was the motivator I needed to get at least some exercise in today. His usual walk to put him down felt good but was extremely taxing. His visit involved his usual antics and me getting to just be with my beautiful son. He seems to have grown so much and I hate missing any of it in here. My body will definitely need to keep up with my will to not miss another moment with him once I get out!

Cutest face in the whole wide world!


Snappy dresser for sure, but as they say “the baby makes the outfit.” I probably just made that up but he really does!

DSC_0569 (2)

He makes me so happy!



6 thoughts on “Day 28

  1. Psa 116:1 I love the Self Existent One , because He has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy.
    Psa 116:2 Because He inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call on Him as long as I live.

    Bless you sweet mommy and your family. 🙂 praying for you all. ❤

    • Thank you so very much! I definitely need all the prayers that I can get. Today is going to be long a day of a LP (spinal tap) and a bone marrow biopsy to see how things are going,

  2. Do they do transfusions in the PICC line? This has been a week of lasts, right? Last chemo, last steriod – this all sounds so good! Soon it will be last day in the hospital. !!!

    You and your pictures continue to look fabulous.

    … I can’t think of any more bar jokes. I used to know, like, a TON.

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