Day 29


January 22nd, 2013- My LP and bone marrow biopsy were both done by lunch today and went very well. I slept throughout most of the afternoon but continue to feel beat up and worn out. I may be a bit dehydrated as well since my blood pressure was a bit low for my evening vitals and I am now receiving a fluid bolus to help. I am still worried that any quick fluids will just make me feel bloated and sick thanks to the steroid but finishing the steroid yesterday may mean I am quickly getting past that issue.

Last night started out well but I had a rough early morning because of a miscommunication that lead me to believe I had to be NPO starting around 4:00am. NPO means I am not supposed to eat or drink anything and was believed to be necessary for some reason due to the procedures I got today. This had never been the case before but despite David questioning the order I followed it until the doctor arrived at 7:30am. We brought it up again to the doctor who gave us a confused look and said he would double check but he did not believe that was needed. By 8:30am I was more than a little thirsty and hungry but was told I could eat and drink without concern. I definitely did not realize how badly I need to take little sips of water in order to help soothe my sore throat. The next bit of bad news is that they will be doing an ultrasound of my stomach and gallbladder tomorrow morning which DOES require being NPO starting at midnight, I am not going to enjoy tonight.

Bryce came by when I was feeling very awake and good shortly after my bone marrow biopsy was complete. We hung out together in my bed while I waited out my required bed rest which was good cuddle times for mommy. David and I read him several books and played until he was a giggling crazy man. The best part of the afternoon came while we fed him his usual baby cereal. David held him while I spooned in each bite which started out well. At the end he managed to get a stronger grip than me on the spoon and after I let it go he proceeded to swing it around like one of his toys, while it still had food on it.  Needless to say David wound up with it all over his shirt and in between fits laughter we decided he was done. Sadly our visit ended before our walk because the nurses said my heart rate was very high and I needed to lay down, so Grammy took him home since it was almost time to go anyway.

Bryce gets his reward for being so good for pictures, a mouth full of the fascinating paper.


Me getting a little Bryce time!



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