Day 30


January 23rd, 2013- I received the news that I am not in remission as was hoped and will be going forward with the expectation that I will be receiving a bone marrow transplant. I will update this post sometime tomorrow but I am not up for much more right now. Please pray as hard as I am that this all turns out well.

*Update* So yesterday was definitely a whirlwind but a lot happened even outside of the bad news. I had a rough night being NPO, unable to eat or drink, for the ultrasound of my liver and gallbladder. The procedure was meant to be first thing in the morning but it was initially delayed due to several ER patients needing ultrasounds ahead of me. The actual procedure ended up taking a LONG time and I didn’t end up eating or drinking anything until around noon. Last night my blood pressure had also come back low consistently and that continued throughout most of the day. On top of that they found that my glucose levels were low which at first was believed to be a result of the NPO. However, after I ate my glucose failed the rise and they started to be concerned that I may have developed an infection even though I was not presenting a fever (the steroids could have suppressed a fever apparently). The other possibility was that the abrupt halt in my steroids had caused issues with my adrenal glands and that my body was not recovering well. I wound up being pumped full of antibiotics and was started on a new steroid to slowly ween me off. By the night my blood pressure had improved slightly and my glucose was holding to a reasonable number.

In the midst of all of this I was then told that the initial chemotherapy had not been successful in getting my leukemia into remission, approximately 50% of the biopsy was blasts (cancer). The new plan is being discussed by many doctors but will ultimately result in another round of chemotherapy in the hospital, 30 days, with the goal of remission, which will then be followed by a bone marrow transplant. I do have a brother and sister who will be tested soon and are both wishing they can be the one to help me beat this disease. It is a TON of information that has been coming in regarding the whole process but step 1 is remission and step 2 is finding a match so I will start there!

Bryce did not come today because I was barely able to stay awake for most of the day not to mention that I did not want him to catch any possible infection. That alone made my day extremely difficult.


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