Day 32

DSC_0736 (2)

January 25th, 2013- Today has been an excellent day for news and with how I am feeling, not to mention Bryce’s extended visit! My liver counts improved today and will hopefully continue on that trend so that we can safely move forward with my next chemotherapy early next week. I met my transplant coordinator today and she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She let me know that she had already found me 196 matches in the donor database should my brother or sister not match. We were a bit worried about finding a donor because of my lineage, half Taiwanese half Lithuanian, which can be a large factor but that fear has been thoroughly squashed. We asked tons of general questions and one that is unfortunate, but only for convenience sake, is that they cannot utilize a portacath for transplants so I will be getting an exposed central line on my chest with three caps. Hopefully that is easier to take care of during showers than my arm picc line has been. The liver consultant did stop by to say that I may be getting a liver biopsy to ‘check things out’ on Monday but my main doctors seem to be leaning towards that being unnecessary if my liver counts continue to improve. I definitely do not want to face yet another procedure so I hope that it doesn’t end up happening.

Bryce had his extended visit today which was amazing for me, even if I was exhausted after he left. He stayed with us from around 12 to 4:30 this afternoon and I could not have been happier. I have several videos from yesterday and today I will be posting but his dancing today was absolutely hilarious. He has a new habit of twisting his wrist around especially while music is playing. I also got to talk to our nurse while David walked Bryce around for a nap, I wasn’t able to get up because my glucose was getting low, and she was so awesome and friendly. I did get my goodbye laps in with Bryce at the end of his visit but he wasn’t feeling nap time so we just let him go after several laps to sleep in the car. It’s funny that not seeing him other times in the day can be so tough and yet he makes me so much stronger and fight that much harder throughout this whole battle. I will be forever grateful that I had him before all of this started.

Like father like son!


One of these days Bryce will decide which finger tastes best, until then he will eat them all.


Bryce dancing today with his funny hand motions.

Giggling Bryce, from yesterday, which can lift up anyone’s spirits no matter what!

Bryce discovered a new funny face yesterday, I just hope it doesn’t get stuck that way!


3 thoughts on “Day 32

  1. I just cannot get over how adorable he is!!! I can definitely see how much strength and determination he must give you. That’s awesome news about the matches, we will pray that the procedures continue to go well and that the liver biopsy isn’t necessary. We are still praying for you every day and every night, you’re on our church’s prayer list and you are definitely Marie’s new favorite person to pray for at bedtime prayers 🙂 I know it must be exhausting but I love that you have been posting every day so we can stay updated and know how to pray for you best every step of the way. Hugs!

  2. Hi Diana,
    I work at Hidden Oak with Sally. You have been in my thoughts and prayers since she first told me you were in the hospital.
    Just wanted you to know that the Hidden Oak family is praying for you, David and Bryce.

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