Day 33


January 26th, 2013- Today has been another break day and thankfully my liver counts continued to improved as hoped. The doctor said I would not be needing a liver biopsy because the behavior in my counts was completely expected from several of the drugs I had received. He also said that my counts had improved enough that they would be starting chemotherapy again tomorrow. This round is four straight days of chemotherapy only but one of the drugs requires a rescue drug to be given for a good while after in order to help the body recover. I will also be receiving an additional dosage of a newer drug called Rituximab that specifically helps target CD20 B cells, which were seen in high amounts in my bone marrow biopsy. The good news is this dosage has no real concerns for additional side effects but it is possible that someone can be allergic to it so they have to be very careful the first time it is given. I am worried about additional side effects from this new round of treatment but I know that I will get through them all no matter what happens.

Bryce came for his visit and I made sure to save up a lot of energy for him today. We took his 6 month pictures which was a lot of fun, he is getting so big! He also tried sweet potato baby food again and while he didn’t eat it all he was enjoying what he felt like eating far more. I am trying to find more ways to play with him while he is here but since the floor is very off limits we only have a few small places for him to roll around. All the more reason for me to beat this as quickly as possible and get home.

Happy little man.


Yeah, you know I’m cute.


Holding Mr Bear’s hand.


Hey did you take of picture of me holding his hand!



3 thoughts on “Day 33

  1. You look so pretty in pink! But I think Bryce steals the show. 🙂

    Excellent news on the liver counts. And you’ll be done with this round of chemo by the weekend! One step at a time, right?

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