Day 34


January 27th, 2013- I received the Rituximab over several hours today and thankfully had no reaction to the infusion. It went over about 4-5 hours and began really slowly due to the risk of allergic reaction. The nurse would come in every 30 minutes to increase the speed of the infusion as it became less and less likely that it would have an adverse effect. I was also hooked up to the blood pressure cuff and heart monitor the entire time. Just in case, they did dose me ahead of time with benadryl to hopefully take the edge off if I did have a reaction. I will receive another dose in about a week.

I woke up this morning to extremely puffy legs and feet thanks to the constant fluids I have been getting via IV for the last 3 days. I received a drug called lasix this morning to help clear some of the fluids out and got a fancy new pair of socks, really tight, to compress my legs and bring down the swelling. I will be receiving a LOT more fluids with sodium acetate added in them because my pH needs to be at a certain level before I can start the chemotherapy drug tomorrow. The drug is high dose methotrexate and it is given as a 24 hour infusion! Immediately after the drug finishes I begin taking another drug called leucovorin in order to rescue my body from the first. It is apparently a pill which I will take until the methotrexate is completely out of my system. The whole process sounds extremely intense and is definitely a bit concerning and scary! I will get through it and I will move on to the next part of the treatment.

Of course my little man stopped by today for his daily visit with Grammy and Grampy. He got three new toys, belated Christmas presents, today and had a lot of fun playing with each. He was really silly today with his antics and kept my spirits high especially since I was nervous about today’s treatment. Bryce had his first little play date today with one of the nurse’s little boy, who is a few months older than Bryce. They were so extremely cute together, especially when he would reach for Bryce and Bryce would lean away with a “what are you doing?” look. I can’t wait to get out of the hospital and have many more play dates for Bryce. Grammy fed Bryce real mashed up bananas thanks to Grampy’s hard work. He seemed to like it, but was rather full already from a bottle and didn’t eat too much. We said our goodbyes without our usual walk because of the machines I was hooked up to. I miss him so much!!

My spiffy tight knee socks.

photo (6)

Bryce enjoys the taste of his second Christmas.



One thought on “Day 34

  1. hahaha – a taste of his second Christmas! You crack me up.

    I remember having socks that massaged my legs for me. Those were niiiiiiiiiiiiice – I wanted to take them back home with me.

    Your day sounded really intense. I’m impressed you can keep straight the names of the medication.

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