Day 35


January 28th 2013- I have been receiving my 24 hour chemotherapy infusion since 4:00 AM this morning. My pH levels quickly cooperated and reached the desired levels so they were able to start early, which I also wanted so it could be over sooner. I did wind up having an issue with having too much fluid again last night but instead of having swollen feet and legs I wound up with a heavy feeling in my chest.  This can be more concerning due to the fact that an overabundance of fluid in the body can cause it to seep into my lungs which can be problematic. They gave me lasix again which kept me up a bit as they started the chemotherapy but I was able to feel better and get some sleep after an hour or so. Other than continued concerns about the amount of fluid I may or may not need the chemotherapy has been blessedly uneventful. The typical worn out feeling has definitely started today as well and I often can’t seem to stay awake regardless of what I am doing. I am still on track to receive the next chemotherapy tomorrow as well as the rescue drug so hopefully I will get through all this quickly and just start feeling better.

I found out that my new regimen calls for two LPs, spinal taps, one this week and one next week but they are working to coordinate them with the interventional radiologist that has done such an awesome job on my last few. I am not so concerned about getting LPs anymore, although the nervousness the day of is guaranteed, but I still don’t like the lasting soreness that comes with the bone marrow biopsy. My lower back still feels a bit beat up since my last biopsy even though the procedure went very smoothly. I won’t be getting another for almost a month so hopefully I will be all healed up by then.

We were really worried about Bryce visiting while I was hooked up to chemotherapy but David reminded me how bad we both felt the first, and hopefully last, time we skipped his visit. We decided to just be extra careful and I didn’t hold him unless he had absolutely no way to grab any of my lines. He was very expressive today in everything he did and especially had a lot of fun dancing to the radio with his daddy. I was able to walk him a bit before he left but I was exhausted and he was fighting sleep, so I went for a nap in my room while Grammy took him for a nap in the car.

Bryce says, “Are we done with pictures Mommy?”



5 thoughts on “Day 35

  1. You are looking beautiful girl!!!!!! I am praying for you and your husband!!! Ya’lls pictures of Bryce make me laugh. Just keep on keeping on. You got this!

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