Day 36


January 29th, 2013- My 24 hour chemotherapy ended last night but today was probably even busier and tiring. I started receiving my next chemotherapy which I will be getting every 12 hours. Each dose takes about 3 hours to infuse and its main side effect is dry eyes to the point of cornea damage. As a result I am receiving eye drops every 6 hours which they say should make everything a-okay. I also started taking leucovorin which is the rescue drug from the methotrexate. That is also taken every 6 hours so I am kept very busy. Tonight I will be getting various treatments and checks at 11:30pm, 1:30am, and 5:00am I wonder where I will fit in sleep. My day started out okay with the constant fluids but tonight found me with a tight chest and bloated stomach again. More lasix seems to be helping but it is such a scary feeling and I can’t wait until I am done with 24 hour fluids.

Bryce came early today immediately after his doctor’s appointment. My poor little man got his 6 month shots so he had his ups and downs for sure while he was here. He is always such a trooper but I wish I could do more for him when he is hurting. We did give him Tylenol but he decided not to like it today so it meant a brief bit of very angry Brycey as he got it all down. Amazingly his legs seemed to feel better while he was standing so we did a lot of listening to the radio to try and get him dancing and amused on his feet. He left with Grammy as he got very squirmy and sleepy while I fell asleep.


One thought on “Day 36

  1. Funny how they say sleep is good for you, yet you’re never allowed any! Eye drops always make me blink. And usually I miss and have to do it more than once, and then my face gets all wet from the missed drops. I hope yours go much more smoothly than when I do it.

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