Day 38


January 31st, 2013- Bryce greets everyone in place of my Day 38 photo. Daddy decided to put one of my beanies on his head and snap a photo.

I’ve had a rough day and it is only now improving finally. I woke up with a terrible headache, which I think is due to the steroid eye drops that I am taking for chemotherapy side effects. I don’t have to take them for long, my last dose should be tomorrow night. The headache caused my LP (spinal tap) to be delayed because they wanted another CT scan of my brain to make sure I wasn’t bleeding again. The results came back and everything is okay, so they went ahead with the LP (spinal tap). The LP went well, but unfortunately I still had my headache the whole time. I was able to sleep for a good while, but resting did not fix my headache. I eventually got oxycodone to help with the pain and it finally helped things improve.

I also had a low grade fever, 99.9, for most of the morning, which had everyone concerned over a possible infection. My temperature now is back to normal, but they said it is possible that the steroid that I take by mouth is masking a fever, so they will be watching me closely. They also attempted to remove my PICC line today, but the nurse was unable to slide it out. Now I will be going downstairs tomorrow where they can safely watch as they remove the line. The nurse was also able to get an IV on my left hand on the first try, Thank God!, because I am such a hard stick. Hopefully the new IV behaves for a few days before I get a new PICC line on my left arm.

Bryce came to visit, but unfortunately the pain had not subsided before his arrival. I was still laying flat after my LP (spinal tap) when he first arrived and sleeping off some of the medication. David and Grammy attempted to keep him happy, but quiet until I was able to sit up. Sadly after I woke up I was still in a lot of pain, so his usual squeals, which I so love were hurting my head. We managed for awhile, but I eventually had to say goodbye as my pain got worse and I got exhausted. Daddy made sure he watched me sleep several times, so Bryce got his Mommy time even though I only got a short Bryce time.


7 thoughts on “Day 38

  1. Bryce looks awesome in the Beanie! Almost as awesome as you do in your adorable headbands ๐Ÿ™‚
    You are doing such an incredible job fighting through one thing after another. It’s crazy to think that even after all that you’ve gone through just today, you’re still writing a post that’s lucid and engaging…just like you do EVERY DAY. That alone blows me away. I’m perfectly well and I find it challenging to blog every week! But I’m so glad that you can right now and you do. It’s like a regular part of my night now, to sit down and read all about your day after Marie grins and prays for “her Diana” at bedtime:) You definitely need to compile this all and write a book someday…when you have a little more time, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰ Big hugs, beautiful mama!

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