Day 39


February 1st, 2013- Today started simply but quickly found new and exciting ways to invent difficulties. My PICC line was scheduled to be removed and this morning the Interventional Radiologist came to have me sign some consent forms. He also mentioned at that time that I needed to not eat my breakfast which had just arrived. I was stunned, I hadn’t eaten since dinner and was already starting to feel extremely weak from not eating. The nurse confirmed that this would be necessary just in case they needed to give me any anesthetics should the PICC line prove more difficult than expected to remove. David wasn’t happy about the timing of the information and called our PA back into the room to discuss the actual expected schedule of the procedure. It was going to be at least several hours and based on the likelihood of anesthesia David convinced me to eat a little bit immediately in order to hold me over. Everything worked out on that front thankfully so I didn’t wind up passing out from hunger.

They came to get me for the procedure around 11:00 am and I was gone for a bit over 2 hours. The first part of the procedure went well as they confirmed that the PICC line was just being difficult because the vein was contracting on an off around the line. A warm wash cloth around my arm fixed things and it came out before I even knew they were going to pull. They asked if I was getting another line and I told them that I was going to need another in the opposite arm. They had not been ordered to put the line in so they called the doctor and were given permission, by me as well, to get everything done at once. Things started decently but due to their increased visibility they spent far more time getting the positioning just right which got more and more uncomfortable. They also couldn’t find a good vein higher up on my arm so the new line is much closer to my elbow and extremely in the way. By the time I made it back to my room both arms were extremely sore and I could barely bend my left arm, not to mention how hungry I was by 1:00 pm. To be fair a good bit of my time was actually taken up waiting for transport to show up and get me back to my room.

When I returned to my room I was blissfully greeted by my little man Bryce and a nice big lunch. Of course shortly after I finished eating I wound up with extreme chest tightness and what felt like inconsistent heart palpitations. At the time I was scared to death as I thought the PICC line was interfering with my heart and the nurse also mentioned that sometimes the PICC line can “tickle” the heart muscles and cause palpitations. I got hooked up to all my machines and over the next 30ish minutes they confirmed that my heart was beating normally. It was decided that the feeling was caused by esophageal spasms and just the general poor state of my GI tract. Everything has gone back to normal this evening and I really hope I no longer have any NPO procedures until my counts recover to avoid more GI problems.

Bryce was absolutely bubbly today and even though I wasn’t really able to hold him I was so happy with his visit. He was dancing all over and reaching for everything to explore his surroundings.  His nails were a bit long and a strong grip did leave a nice scratch on David’s cheek but of course it was funny and cute when he did it. He ate his usual rice baby cereal but halfway through daddy was making some silly noises of encouragement and Bryce just started giggling. I couldn’t help but laugh and pretty much the entire rest of his feeding was done between giggles from all of us. He simply amazes me at his ability to learn things like using a spoon and I want to watch every second as he grows up.


3 thoughts on “Day 39

  1. Wow, I’m glad that they were able to do both at the same time instead of having to go through the procedure again! Sorry for the pain, though. 😦 Happy for Bryce giggles! And cut that boy’s nails!

    Sammy would often straighten up really quickly and jam our chins with his head. Ouch.

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