Day 42


February 4th, 2013- Today has been a day of getting by with my nice collection of problems. My stomach continues to be severely upset and I am really hoping it is able to improve relatively quickly. We still have a few days to wait on the C diff test so no real news there. My skin irritation continues to give me issues but I have found a bit of comfort with some of the areas. However, my feet and ankles are starting the swell again and it is causing the cracked area on my right ankle to be even more painful. My GI tract issues have gotten worse with a sore throat, chest tightness, and ear pain which they said is common referred pain from mucositis. I start my booster shot tomorrow so hopefully these issues quickly improve with my blood counts. I will also be receiving pentamidine tomorrow which is given via a nebulizer, inhaled via a mask. This is given monthly to help prevent pneumocystis pneumonia, a pneumonia that is extremely common in immunocompromised people. I admit to being worried about this particular delivery method because I always dislike things that cover my mouth when I breath, I started to hyperventilate from the nose tube during my C-section.

I missed needing blood last night by a tenth of a point so they asked if I wanted to get the transfusion out of the way during the day instead of throughout the entire night tonight. I just finished receiving my two bags of blood which took about 6 hours or more total. I am feeling incredibly full and uncomfortable after the transfusion and hope that this gave me a huge boost so I can avoid needing any additional bags. My right arm has unfortunately gotten a bit worse today and has been sore. I have requested an early ultrasound because it just doesn’t feel right.

Bryce’s visit today was so much fun and even included some yoga! There are some people working on inroads for alternative health programs here and chair yoga is offered twice a week on my floor. David and I have attended a few times but are usually busy with Bryce when the class is going on. However, today the magazine Gainesville Today was writing a piece on the class so we went to show our support. We didn’t want to miss any Bryce time so David kept him on his lap while doing as many of the motions as he could. Bryce was very well behaved and stayed nicely relaxed and quite for the majority of the session. We can’t wait to check out the magazine article in March to see if they enjoyed a baby attending. He is always so good and was as amazing as ever this afternoon for my spirits. We did get his goodbye walk in so he could sleep and I could get in some exercise.

Throughout facing all of these difficulties lately I continue to tell myself that things will improve and that I will beat this disease. I remain strong and positive with a will to fight that refuses to fade.

My monkey…


Nooooooo they are stealing my monkey!!


Oh ok, I still have my Mommy we’re good.



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