Day 43


February 5th, 2013- Today has been a pretty okay day. I was getting around pretty well and met a very nice husband and wife down the hall. I definitely feel a bit better than yesterday in terms of my general GI issues, not that they are completely gone, but some problems are refusing to get much better. They went ahead with the ultrasound based on the pain in my right arm but also decided to do an additional ultrasound on my left leg due to the fact that it has been more swollen than my right. The tech doing the ultrasound said my left leg looked good but I have not gotten any real news about if my right arm has gotten worse or better. The PA looked at my left ankle this morning and felt like it was beginning to blister so she went ahead and got some swabs in order to test for viral infection. She was expecting some results this evening but she told us at the end of her shift that the “quick” test was not being very quick today so they didn’t know anything yet. I did receive lasix again today to try and help with the swelling but it is hard to tell if it made any difference.

I got my booster shot today and continue to tell myself that any bone pain it may bring is worth it so I can get home to Bryce that much faster. I also received my nebulizer treatment of pentamidine which was thankfully fairly easy, minus a pretty bitter taste. David kept making fun of the fact that I couldn’t talk for 15 minutes but he still helped me so I decided to forgive him. They also started me back on some additional antibiotics thanks to my ankle, I got a whole one day break!

Bryce came by just before they got me for my ultrasound so I missed a little bit of time with him but Grammy let him stay a good long while today so we made up for it. I felt up to playing with him a good bit on my lap but I still can’t really pick him up once he is settled on me. Grammy brought his new carry backpack as well today which David wore around the halls during one of our walks. Bryce seems to absolutely love being able to check out the world from a nice high position and was keying in on every little thing. Grampy had tried a new brand of banana baby food yesterday which he liked so we gave it to him again during his visit. He would have continued to eat until he popped if we had let him do so but we stopped at his usual amount just to be safe. He went to sleep quickly for our goodbye walk and I was able to keep walking after we saw him off.

No, don’t eat Mommy!


Bryce and Mommy playing ball.



4 thoughts on “Day 43

  1. Glad you had a better day today! I was praying very specifically the last few days for you to get a ‘break’ of sorts. I finally caught the stomach flu from the kids yesterday and spent the whole time offering all of my limited suffering as a prayer for all of your daily suffering to be minimal. I kept thinking “man, I feel miserable…but it’s only been one day and I will start feeling better by day two. Diana has been at it for 40 days! She is so strong and her positive attitude is unbelievable!” So while I am happy to be doing better, I’m more happy for you that you had a good-ish day. Praying for many more very soon!

  2. Could you not talk because of an after-effect of the medication, or were you told not to talk? I know a little bit of sign language, so even telling me not to talk wouldn’t completely shut me up. 🙂

    And perhaps you should have given Bryce more bananas if he’s trying to eat you!

  3. Just read about your journey on Megan’s blog. Will be praying for you and your family as you beat this! You smile is infectious and while I wish you never had to go through this, I thank you for being such an inspiration.

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