Day 44


February 6th, 2013- Today has actually been a pretty good day but it definitely couldn’t help but find ways to be interesting. My ankle is still really worrying me but the quick swab culture confirmed it wasn’t the chicken pox virus, which is a plus, but the other tests take at least a week so we still have no idea what it may be. Today got interesting at the end of Bryce’s visit when after listening to some people play music in the hall I got a crazy nose bleed when I got back to my room. My nose was gushing blood everywhere and kept soaking tissues over and over. The nurses and David helped me keep pressure on it and put a cold compress on the upper part of my nose. I have never had a nose bleed like this and was very scared, but it helped that I had talked to another person on the floor awhile ago about some of his bad nose bleeds so I knew I wasn’t alone. I also received my booster shot again which has been making my tummy feel funny. With my nose bleed and stomach issues I am a bit concern with laying face down for my LP, spinal tap, tomorrow but I am sure it will go well.

I received a giant care package today from many old friends and high school class mates. I felt the need to publicly tell anyone reading this just how amazing it was and that I was weeping the entire time I went through everyone’s gifts. People often tell me that I am dealing with all of this so well but the reason I am able to do so is because of the amazing support I receive from the people I know. Getting well wishes and even cards, let alone a care package, are all boosts to my will and spirit that I could not do without. I love you all and want to thank you again and again for your support throughout my journey.

Bryce had another happy awesome visit today which is always the highlight of my day. He actually sat with me during the hall concert and was very interested in the live music. I love watching him see something new and interesting because he will just sit quietly and watch each thing intently. I was up to holding and feeding him today but much to my surprise he held the bottle a little bit on his own and I just got to enjoy the time. I can’t believe how much changes with him each and every day. In an odd way I was thankful that Bryce was around for the start of my nose bleed because he helped distract me when I was the most stressed out. Grammy did have to take him home as we started to get it under control but he was there during the important part. I am continuing to will my counts up so I can get home to my son!

Bryce and Mommy enjoying their first live concert.

photo (11)

Bryce “wearing” his new and amazing shirt!


A quick peak at another of the awesome shirts I received.


I would fill up a LOT more space if I posted all the pictures I have so again thank you all for everything!


5 thoughts on “Day 44

  1. I love that tank top! Go Team Orange!

    Scary about the nosebleed, but I’m glad you knew it could happen. I think my hubby would have fainted before he’d be able to help me! He even ended up on the floor of the OR during my first c-section. (He was better prepared for the second one.)

  2. Man I hope that shirt fits lol, When I saw it I thought of you right away, You inspire me daily Diana and I love reading your blogs and sharing your story. I think of you often throughout my days and when I start to get stressed over anything you are usually one of the 1st people to come to mind, If you can make it through all this and still smile everyday that what the french toast do I have to complain about 🙂 You are amazing, and your family is beautiful, I can’t wait to see the sign that says homeward bound.

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