Day 46


February 8th, 2013- Today has gone really well and any bumps proved to be minor. I woke up feeling decent overall and David left to take care of Bryce for a few hours to help out Grammy early this morning. I talked to the nurse and PA while he was gone without much excitement. However, when he got back I had been hooked up to a single drug infusion which should have taken an hour for over three hours. It isn’t a big deal in terms of the dose but being tethered to the pole gets old quickly so he started helping me track down what was going on. Thankfully shortly thereafter we got things finished but of course I was due for another afternoon dose of antibiotics immediately following the late completion and I wound up hooked up for an additional hour. My stomach has been a bit tender and sore for the last few days but this afternoon it was particularly painful. I was really worried something was wrong so following my pain and concerns the PA ordered an x-ray which was blessedly clear. It did show some GI issues which we expected so I am just taking some additional pills to help everything feel better. Of course after my late night walk tonight I started getting another nose bleed but this one proved much much easier to get under control. The night nurse gave me some saline nose spray and said that it would be worth using before I put on the paper masks to walk due to the fact that they can really dry out your nose. My ankle seems to be getting better but drying out blister, scabby skin still looks gross. The booster shots are still making me sore and rundown with bad headaches on an off but I can deal with those easily knowing that it means everything is working to recover that much sooner.

Bryce had a great visit with Ama, Chinese for Grandmother, and definitely made it well know when he was upset today but was very well behaved overall. He had taken an extra long nap in the morning so his food schedule was a bit off and when it was finally getting close to food time he got very upset quickly instead of just fussy. After he ate, however, he hung out with David and I on my bed without so much as a single complaint. We listened to him make all his adorable noises and just relaxed. He got fussy quickly again at nap time but as always was easy to settle down for sleep, he is such an awesome baby!

Bryce and Mommy happy in each other’s company!

photo (12)


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