Day 47


February 9th, 2013- I had another good day overall but had to sleep through quite a bit of it to get past some bumps. I had to get both platelets and blood last night, which is never fun, and the second bag of blood didn’t finish until around noon. I was hooked up to an antibiotic immediately after it finished so I barely had a break from my IV pole. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes after the blood was done I started getting red fingers and blotchy palms. The antibiotic can cause red man’s syndrome which turns your skin red, if the name didn’t give it away, so we called the nurse in to check things out. Before she arrived I started getting severe chest tightness and my throat felt like it had a golf ball lodged in the back. David ran and grabbed a nurse and I immediately had a room full of people giving me IV benadryl and ativan. Thankfully the benadryl made me feel better almost immediately. They aren’t sure if it was a delayed reaction to the blood or actually a reaction to the antibiotic, so I will be getting dosed with tylenol and benadryl for blood transfusions in the future and they will be giving me the antibiotic much slower. Both benadryl and ativan have the unfortunate side effect of making me extremely sleepy so I slept for an hour of Bryce’s visit and quite a bit this evening. They did do another x-ray plus EKG to make sure nothing unexpected was going on but thankfully both came back normal.

Bryce had a great visit even with a sleepy mommy and was a great focus for me as I got past being terrified. He was all kinds of active and wiggly today to keep my spirits high. He ate his rice baby cereal like a champ, and somehow continues to surprise me with how well he understands the spoon by grasping it and putting it in his mouth until he has some food. We walked to put him down for a nap and eventually had to say goodbye so he would make it home in time for his next feeding. I am doing my best to patiently await an increase in counts and a release from this place to be home with my little angel.

Hey girl, like my ride?

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5 thoughts on “Day 47

  1. I am so happy that the tests came back okay. It is good to see you with Bryce, I know that means so much. I am wishing you the best and remembering you in my prayers. See you back here soon. Peace and Love! Janine

  2. Sometimes I wish there were other options other than the “like” because I do not like that you have to endure this battle, but do like that you are no doubt going to be an inspiration to others struggling with illness. Or perhaps even those struggling in general. My prayers go out to you and your family during this trying time, but know that if spirit has anything to do with recovery, you’ll be getting your numbers in order in no time. Hang in there!

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