Day 49


February 11th, 2013- Overall my symptoms today have improved, but the tightness on the left side of my chest still persists. They did a CT scan of my chest to make sure I didn’t have a pulmonary embolism, but thankfully the test results came back clear. Apparently my PICC line shifted as the swelling from fluids went down. The nurse and PA pulled it out a bit to see if it helped with the chest tightness, no improvement yet but we will see. Today I have not been ache from the booster shots, which is a nice change. I also got some good news when we woke up this morning and looked at my nightly labs. I finally have some positive blood counts!! My ANC, absolute neutrophil count, was 1122 and normally had been zero. Keeping my ANC above 500 for 3 days could mean a ticket home for at least a little while.

Bryce had a great visit today with us and I got to take care of him on my own for a bit. David took Ama down to get some food and I felt strong and comfortable enough to watch him on my own. It was very successful except for a few dropped toys that I couldn’t bend down and get. We had a blast playing with his monkey, but he got the most enjoyment playing with a lose bib (video will be posted tomorrow). I don’t know what I would do without my family, especially my amazing son.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


3 thoughts on “Day 49

  1. OOh – how exciting about your blood count!! I’m casting my vote for it to be above 500 for as long as you need it there to go home for a good long while!

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