Day 50


February 12th, 2013- I got awesome news today! We found out that my sister is a half match and my brother is a full match for bone marrow transplant! This means my brother is going to be my bone marrow donor when the times comes. I am very lucky because of the fact that it was only a 25% chance that they were going to be a match. My entire family has been so awesome throughout all of this and I don’t know what I would do without every single one of them.

My ANC was up to a whopping 4514 today which is crazy. I am officially no longer neutropenic which means I can eat all the things I was denied for the past two months. I ordered fruit, salad, coleslaw, pasta salad, and more for lunch and dinner just to sample it all. I got to stop the booster shots today because I reached such a high ANC but stopping the shot does mean my counts are expected to drop a bit. The drop should be relatively minor but my body will need to start working on its own without the medicine to boost my other blood counts, hemoglobin, hematocrit, and platelets. I also got an ultrasound on both my arms and amazingly the clot in my right arm appears to have dissolved completely. The left arm and PICC line are looking good but I am still having a good bit chest pain on my left side. Due to the fact that all my tests are looking good they are fairly certain the chest pain is either from the booster shots or muscle pain. I have been having fevers still today and one particularly made me feel badly but was able to be brought down with tylenol. Everyone says the fevers are most likely my body working overtime to make blood cells but they are constantly taking blood for cultures just in case.

Bryce came by with Ama today and we both had a lot of fun playing with him. David and Uncle Kevin got lunch and left us for a bit to enjoy our time. I fed him his bottle which is always soothing and I fed him his baby rice cereal which is always messy. He is sitting up better every day and using his arm to hold himself up. If I can remain fever free for 24 hours I will finally get to be home with him! They will also need to check me out in general but with my counts being high finally they can start considering release.


5 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. That is wonderful news about your brother. And about all the yummy stuff you can eat! 🙂 hope you get to go home soon with that precious little guy.


    I mean, everything, from your brother being a full match to high blood counts to clots clearing up to EVERYTHING! Now get rid of those fevers and get yourself HOME!!!

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