Day 51


February 13th, 2013- Today has been another excellent day! My ANC was up to a crazy 9205 which is actually over the normal range, totally okay, so the booster shot was obviously still hanging around. I have not had any fevers today and it is looking more and more likely that I will be able to finally step foot outside of Shands for a few weeks this Friday. I had a huge amount of energy today for the first time in forever and thanks to my counts I was allowed to wander outside of the floor. We took a long walk through the underground tunnel to the other tower with Bryce to see where David is always going to get me food. I am completely exhausted now thanks to all the places I explored but it was well worth it just to see something different. I am down to only a few pills a day, mostly my hydrocortisone, and I am almost confused when I get such an empty pill cup. They also have me down to just a single quick IV antibiotic a few times a day just because of the fevers I had previously, but that is likely unneeded and has no impact on me going home at this point. I am still chowing down on all the foods I have missed which seems to be upsetting my stomach just a bit but hopefully it will stay nice and minor.

Bryce came to visit at his normal time today and I can’t believe how just a bit more energy allows me to hold and interact with him so much more. I fed him his bottle, which he always devours, and then we took on our mission of exploration. David carried him the whole walk and I don’t think Bryce made a single sound. He watched all of the new people and other sights and would occasionally look at me or David and just give us a huge grin. Watching him take in the world with such keen interest fills me with such joy and amazement. I got to walk him to sleep following our normal routine but this time I actually got to bring him downstairs and see him off. Just a few more short days and I can do away with all my goodbyes to him!

Bryce and Mommy like whoa…

DSC_0432 (2)


4 thoughts on “Day 51

  1. Oh I am jumping up and down right now! So glad your brother is a match, and so glad you had an amazing day…it’ exactly what we’ve been praying for! And what yoyu needed, I’m sure. Rest well amazing mama!

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