Day 53


February 15th, 2013- I am home! It is exciting but already extremely nerve racking to have stepped away from a 2 month regimen of 24/7 help and expectation. We packed up everything and were on our way home by about 4:00pm this afternoon and by that time I was feeling far past worn out. We got home to a napping Bryce but I got to watch him sleep on the baby monitor for the first time in a long while. David went to pick up my prescriptions and while he was gone Bryce woke up, ate a bottle and was well into play time. I of course had help. An hour after David got back we finally had time to get all my prescriptions organized and we realized immediately that several we were expecting had not been included. That was the cause of my first near breakdown but David was immediately calling the hospital who confirmed that the pharmacy had received all of the prescription requests. David went back out and discovered that half my drugs were under an incorrect spelling of my last name, figures, and were therefore not given to us the first time around.

Once I had all my medicines I was feeling a bit less worried was also getting around the house without much issue. I decided to go grab a bottled water from the outside fridge and everyone, including myself, forgot about the step down into the garage. I took the step and before I could blink my knees gave out and I had fallen to the ground catching myself hard on my hands and knees. Thank god it wasn’t worse but David was again calling the hospital to see if I needed to come back to be checked out, and we were instructed to ice and see if I had limited flexibility tomorrow. I am so scared to even bruise since that was one of the first signs that started this whole thing. I keep reminding myself, with a little encouragement, that this isn’t some indication of the treatment having worked or not. The doctor was extremely positive yesterday and today about my recovery rate and what they can see from my blood so everyone is expecting good things.

I return to the hospital to go to the out patient clinic for the first time on Monday and I can only imagine how different that experience will be. I was told to expect it to take all day and will be getting blood drawn as well as getting my bone marrow biopsy completed. The results of the biopsy are expected to take a few days but I am already getting nervous about waiting!

I tested out some beds at my in-laws house, where we are currently staying, and was actually very comfortable laying flat which I was not expecting. I know things will be less stressful and surprising as I get back into a routine so it is just a matter of keeping my positive attitude in the meantime. Bryce is full of just as many surprises as always and will be ever present to help keep me focused. I helped put him to sleep tonight and was beyond stunned at how easily he put himself to sleep in his crib after just a little bit of rocking. I will be sleeping in the adjacent room and will be boosted knowing that as well. Tomorrow is another day and things will always get better!

Some of the awesome staff that helped me through an insanely trying 2 months! There are so many more but it is really hard to get even this many to stand still!



7 thoughts on “Day 53

  1. It was so nice to finally meet you yesterday! So glad you’re able to be home with Bryce. Take it easy, get lots of rest and let everyone wait on you!

  2. So glad you were able to make it home. Certainly a step in the right direction in spite of many apprehensions and anxieties. Try to be patient with yourself and not judge your healing process. Babies are a beautiful focal point 🙂
    Continued healing, strength, and comfort.

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