Day 54


February 16th, 2013- I had a very good first full day home with Bryce, even if it took lots of help. My hands are definitely sore from the fall but my knees seem to be okay. I guess I took most of the hit on my hands but they are holding up pretty well. We laid out my exact pill schedule and also setup my phone for reminders. It feels like I have a small pharmacy sitting on the kitchen counter. I went down the street to our house today for the first time in months and it felt good to even just walk through the door. I saw my mom and she appears to have gotten better but we are playing it safe for a day or two more. Today wore me out again and even though I enjoyed every minute I need to start resting more during the day.

I had a big day of firsts with Bryce since coming home. I got to see and greet him as he woke up in the morning. I helped put him down for his naps, including a blissful walk outside in the afternoon which he slept throughout. Even though I can’t do everything I was able to make up food for him and help with a lot of little things that are required all day long. David and I played with him tons and I couldn’t believe that he is already able to sit up on his own pretty well. He is still an avid listener when we read to him, with the occasional desire to “digest” the material, and is always intrigued by his toys. I was also able to help a bit with his bath tonight which is a bit more exciting than I remember now that he can sit himself up, and ultimately forward into the water if you aren’t careful. Taking care of him is tiring but it is more amazing than anything else on earth. I am so happy to be home with family and I know each day will see me just a little stronger.

Bryce putting some extra cute miles on his Valentine’s Day bib.

photo (17)

Bryce giving carrots a try for the first time. He was more than a little surprised when he eagerly grabbed his first bite.

photo (18)

A beautiful mother and son drum duet!


9 thoughts on “Day 54

  1. You sure look good on that couch!
    And Bryce looks almost as happy as you to have you home! He is just too adorable.

    Prayers for a good transition and day on Monday!

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