Day 56


February 18th, 2013- I had my first visit to the clinic today which was a very different process. I was definitely anxious about my bone marrow biopsy as well so everything was a little scary until that was over. I was there for about 4 hours but they at least keep things moving so it generally doesn’t feel like a long time. I checked in and went to say hi to the inpatient nurses across the hall and everyone was very happy to see me out and about. Once the clinic called me back they drew blood from my PICC line which has been done a hundred times, but I was still nervous in the new setting. I then went into a procedure room for my bone marrow biopsy. I answered some general questions and then the PA I had requested came in to get things started. The nurse had dosed me with ativan before hand but apparently my anxiety, or maybe too small of a dose, made it have little effect on me. Things hurt a lot worse this time around but I was able to get through it all without too much of a fuss and was told that I would get the results on Thursday when I come for my next appointment. The doctor came in after and discussed some general things about the coming months and said a lot more will also be discussed on Thursday. I got to see the communal transfusion room where people needing blood or platelets go because they also changed my PICC line dressing there today. The chairs are heated and can massage if needed which will be very nice should I ever be stuck in one for 4-6 hours getting blood. I keep reminding myself that each day until Thursday will be like every other day but of course having the biopsy done and not knowing immediately is tough. I continue to stay positive and tell myself that I am in remission.

Bryce and I found a happy medium today for play and care that makes sure he gets plenty of Mommy time but doesn’t wear me out completely. I thought of him the whole time I was having my biopsy done and it certainly helps to have had so much time with him lately. He has started to ‘talk’ a lot saying “ba-ba-ba-ba” whenever he is happy but relaxing. Time to see if he will learn to say ma-ma soon!

Mommy putting Bryce to bed!



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