Day 58


February 20th, 2013- I had a relaxing family day which helped me forget about tomorrow for at least a few hours. We are finally getting a routine with Bryce and it is beginning to feel natural again. It was hard to come home and feel like I had to learn his day to day all over again, he changes so fast. I woke up with a sore left arm, PICC line arm, but it did fade once I got up and started moving around. I think I slept funny but I will definitely be asking them to check things out. The big news day is tomorrow at clinic for my biopsy results so please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Bryce was extremely expressive and happy today. The best time was when we fed him his solids at the end of the night and he would giggle at every little noise David or I made. He also sat with the family afterwards for our dinner and was the perfect little addition that made everyone smile. David would pick up his toys from under his highchair and he would twist all around trying to see him. It is so amazing to watch him track everything and learn how to interact with his environment. I love my family more than anything and want to get better for them as much as for myself.


4 thoughts on “Day 58

  1. ALL POWER…ALL MIGHT belongs to the Eternal One… I pray for you and your family… HIS will be done…may HIS name be exalted above all else… may you be strengthened and filled with HIS fullness of health, joy and faith…may HIS face shine upon you and your family that others would know HE is the Self Existent One…but as Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah knew that HE could save them out of the fiery furnace…but they also knew and were surrendered to the fact that IS HE chose not to that it was ok…their lives belonged to HIM to do whatever HE knew was just and right to do…we do not know and I am so glad that we can have peace in knowing that HE does know. Many blessings to you all. SO BE IT.

  2. It must be the week for sore arms – I think I slept on mine Monday night and it hurt all day Tuesday. It was better yesterday, though.

    It’s Thursday now, and I’m sending good vibes to the universe for you. Everything will work out well.

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