Day 59


February 21st, 2013- I AM IN REMISSION!!! I had a nervous morning and had some issues sleeping last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about my appointment. It is such a huge weight lifted but at the same time I know that my journey is not yet over and I still have a long road ahead. The good news is that we are able to move forward with preparing for my transplant and my eventual cure. I will be back in the hospital for approximately a week starting around Wednesday for another round of chemotherapy. This round is meant to keep me in remission until transplant which will hopefully take place at the beginning of April. The doctors are concerned with some of my elevated liver counts and will be checking things on Monday in order to decide what chemotherapy drugs I will be receiving this month. Thankfully this round doesn’t mean a month long hospital stay but that doesn’t change the side effects unfortunately.

Once we are ready to move forward with transplant in April I will be facing four days of intense chemotherapy and total body irradiation. The transplant itself is relatively simple but unfortunately the prep is what makes recovery difficult. I will know a lot more as the time comes but what I do know definitely scares me. However, I know that no matter how bad a day I may have I am working to ensure that I have many many tomorrows. I am so grateful to even be moving forward because I know there are many people who are not even able to take this next step.

Bryce has been my angel throughout all of this and is such a beacon of love and hope for my entire family. He always brings a smile to everyone’s lips and can manage to make anyone laugh at the drop of a hat. Today he rediscovered his wrinkly nose face but has added his old man lips to the face which had David dying of laughter. I will never stop being thankful for how everything managed to work out with him and David before all of this started.

Daddy keeping Bryce from floating away.

photo (21)

Bryce wants to help Mommy write her blog.

photo (19)

Rawr, get that toy!

photo (20)


14 thoughts on “Day 59

    • Thank you so much Mona! I was so nervous while waiting in the room, but then the PA we absolutely love came in and surprised us with the news. I hope that you are doing well!! You are always in my thoughts.

  1. WHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! That is FANTASTIC!!! I did a little dance in my chair and a fist pump when I read those words IN REMISSION!!! Hooray!!!

    And if *I’m* this relieved, I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling. GO GO GO Diana!!! Team Orange!!!

    • Thank you very much Gayle!!!! We are so elated about the good news. The family finally needs some good news that’s for sure! I am so grateful for your support throughout my journey. You have been wonderful and I love seeing your comments and jokes.

  2. Yeah!!!! We are so happy to hear the great news!! We look forward to a huge celebration as soon as you are able to join us. We miss you both and continue to pray for a full recovery soon.

    The Peanut Galerry.

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