Day 61


February 23rd, 2013- I thank God everyday for letting me progress in my fight against leukemia. Small wins are a definite boost but each one is immediately followed by what has to happen next. I am ready to face each step but dread having to step back out of my life in order to stay in the hospital. I feel like even the briefest moment with Bryce is irreplaceable and that I miss so many when I leave him. It is an interesting mental balancing act to see the immediate need for giving up that time in order to trade for so many more years.

My irreplaceable moments with Bryce were all amazing today. He has been slowly getting back into tummy time, which he never truly enjoyed, and had over an hour today where he was rolling all over the place without complaint. I say this now but I absolutely cannot wait to see him begin to crawl and walk even if everyone says I will look back on this time and miss it immensely. I obviously have an extra strong desire to see each new development and know that it has not been missed.


8 thoughts on “Day 61

  1. You are an incredible fighter. It has never been easy fighting an illness. Although I have never experienced cancer or the like before, i don’t think it would be easy to have your kind of will or strength. Keep praying and keep breathing. Where there is hope, there is definitely a way. God lives and I wish you well.

  2. Being such a strong fighter will really make a difference! Maybe your husband can make you some videos of Bryce that you can watch while you’re in the hospital … even on an iphone or something similar. They make short videos but bring great enjoyment. Keep up the good attitude and the good fight. Sending prayers and positive energy!

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