Day 62


February 24th, 2013- Kaopung goes the Bryce as he knocks down day 62 with Mommy! Today has been thankfully uneventful but tomorrow I will be finding out exactly how the next week will be going in terms of my treatment. My blood tests in clinic are mostly to recheck some of my liver counts which will dictate which chemotherapy drugs I will be getting. They are doing their best to allow my body to recover as much as possible before transplant so they don’t want to continue using drugs which are harsher on my liver if my counts remain somewhat abnormal.

Bryce has been cutting his upper right front tooth and has been taking its arrival amazingly well. He is always so well behaved it can be hard to tell if it is really bugging him so I hope my little man is doing as well inwardly as he portrays outwardly. He is continuing to make his little noises that will someday soon make my heart sing when they say ma-ma. I love spending every moment with my son and husband, and I cannot wait for all of this to be behind us.


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