Day 64


February 26th, 2013- Today seemed to fly past but was a very good day. I am extremely worn out but in a good way. We did have an appointment with the reproductive medicine people today which was pretty much what we expected. I will get one final depot lupron shot at the end of March in order to keep me in faux menopause, which was done in an attempt to protect my ovaries from the chemotherapy. Unfortunately the total body irradiation is a whole other concern but due to the fact that it isn’t targeted there isn’t anything that can really be done. They brought up several options that David and I had already discussed and then we scheduled our March appointment for the shot. I can’t say enough how thankful we are for Bryce and how much easier it makes accepting these kinds of possible side effects. At this point I just have my fingers crossed that I don’t permanently wind up in early menopause when all this is behind me. I have another blood test appointment tomorrow and an appointment to get a CT scan to check on my original brain bleed. Once all of the results are in they will be nailing down exactly what chemotherapy drugs I will be getting for the next week. One more day off after today, hopefully my appointments won’t take all day!

Bryce has been such a good motivator to keep me up and moving while I have been home. We took him out for an afternoon stroll and with him as a nice distraction I conquered a few hills to help rebuild my leg strength. We fed him peas for the first time tonight and amazingly he seemed to actually enjoy them. They were everywhere by the end as he continues to be extremely expressive with his hands but none the less most of them did wind up eaten. We gave him a nice bath afterwards to put him to bed all clean. A quick bottle to top him off found me in my favorite spot, holding a sleeping Bryce. I will definitely be using the memory of these moments when I am back in the hospital on Thursday.

Play time with Mommy and Bryce.


What are you feeding me Mommy?!


Yet somehow I continue to eat them.



5 thoughts on “Day 64

  1. I know I had a different kind of cancer, but my menopause went away. I wish the same for you.

    Bryson looks WAAAAAAAAY too clean to have been eating peas. Just sayin’.

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