Day 65


February 27th, 2013- I had a good last day at home but it is definitely stressful thinking about the time I will be away. My appointment showed that my liver counts were still improving slowly but were not yet normal. Due to the fact that they aren’t I will be getting some different chemotherapy this time around to go easier on my liver. I also had a chest CT which I assume was to check on the status of my pneumonia but to be honest I am not sure. During my Monday appointment they mentioned a head CT but when I got there it was ordered as a chest CT. I did have them call the doctor and they said it should only be chest so I will be asking about that one tomorrow!

Bryce was amazing for me on the last day of my break from it all. I pushed myself extra hard to keep up with everything he did today and I am definitely going to sleep well tonight. I helped cook dinner tonight while Bryce watched and it felt great to cook again. Family dinners are definitely going to be a big part of the day for our little man! He already enjoys sitting at the table with everyone and just watching. I already miss him even before I have gone and I know how hard even a week without him will be, but his daily visit will keep me going and I will be back soon.


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