Day 66


February 28th, 2013- Today has been a very long day. We had our clinic appointment early this morning for a final blood check which had stayed about the same. We checked into the hospital after but had to wait around for about 3 hours before a room was actually available. Once we actually got in the room we had to wait around while all the orders were finalized so I didn’t start my first dose for this round of therapy until around 7:00pm. They started me on rituximab this time, which I have gotten before but they are still worried about allergic reactions. Due to this concern it starts very slowly and I am still getting the same infusion as of 11:38pm and I think it has awhile to go yet. I have been trying to get a little bit of sleep but with the machine beeping every 30 minutes for the nurse to speed it up I haven’t had much success. I am also on the overflow floor which is nice but not what I am used to so it is making me a bit more anxious.

I only got to see Bryce a bit this morning as we attempted to sneak in some time with him but also make sure everything was packed and get out the door. We will start our normal routine again of afternoon visits tomorrow but it is already jarring to be gone from him. He did start saying “ma ma ma ma” as we were getting ready this morning which was a very nice going away present.


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