Day 67

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March 1st, 2013- BIIIGGG YAWN! We started a major chemotherapy rotation today where I will be getting cytarabine every 12 hours until March 3rd. This is the drug that requires the steroid eye drops which I do not like at all, but I can manage them in order to keep my eyes from turning to dust (chemical dryness). The infusion is done over three hours and is being done at noon and midnight, who needs sleep. I will definitely be asking for an ativan so I can hopefully sleep through it tonight. After this round is done I will start VP16, etoposide, which I have never had before but hopefully I handle it well. I believe that it is also going to be every 12 hours but I should be done and hopefully outta here on the 5th. This stay is definitely making me antsy because of my taste of freedom. I really need to mentally prepare for my month long stay in April for my transplant. At least the break before then will be pretty long and I will get to enjoy lots and lots of Bryce time. Although, I will be recovering from this chemotherapy for the first few weeks so I really hope things go smoothly. The doctor said it is usually about 50-50 that I will wind up back in due to fever. Time to get home, stay healthy, and beat this thing!

Bryce resumed his daily visits today and was awesome as always. He continues to love meeting new people and of course everyone on the eighth floor is new to him. I got my usual meditation time, aka bottle feeding, and also fed him his baby rice cereal. He was very tired by the end of his stay and fell asleep almost instantly once we started our walk. I still feel extremely blessed that I can see him every day thanks to my awesome family but I am ready to be back with him always!

Bryce getting started early on his beard for St Patrick’s Day.

photo (23)

Daddy and Bryce respond to a simple “What’s up?”




3 thoughts on “Day 67

  1. Just want you to know that I am following and praying for you daily. I recently got the five year all-clear after a battle with stage four Hodgkins Lymphoma. The battle was HARD, but I thank God that the treatment was available! You can do it! Keep your chin up. Those of us who have gone before are cheering you on!

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