Day 68


March 2nd, 2013- I started feeling some of the effects of the chemotherapy today and have been a bit nauseous and very tired. I am getting my last dose of the cytarabine tonight but will have to continue the steroid drops for 48 hours and will be starting the new chemotherapy I have never had tomorrow. I am getting a little worried about facing some of the worse side effects while at home but I certainly would still rather be at home. Nothing I haven’t faced and overcome so far and I am sure the rest will be much the same.

Today Bryce was all smiles for the world to see and has definitely gotten back into his routine nap times. We played and got him fed but right when sleepy time rolled around he was more than ready for his stroller and car nap. I still have plenty of strength to hold and interact with him so I am definitely using him as my awesome motivator to keep working to fight back against any muscle loss from this round of high dose steroids.


5 thoughts on “Day 68

  1. I hope so! At least it will be in the comfort of home, but a little scary since I don’t have the nurse care. I will be of course going in and out of clinic 2-3 times a week and they will check me out.

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